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August 05, 2020

Is it useful to log in to a VPN at home?

Is it useful to log into a VPN when you are at home? You have nothing to hide, do you? Internet criminals will therefore not easily visit you. That is what many users of internet services often think. However, this is very different. This way, many different parties watch what you do. Your privacy is therefore anything but guaranteed when you go online. This is not so attractive at all. When you use a VPN, you can significantly increase the level of privacy. This is an important advantage.

Why use a VPN?

By logging into a VPN at home, you can make sure that you change or hide your IP address. With the advantage that it becomes much less easy, if not impossible, for hackers to take information away from you. All information you share online therefore remains protected. This concerns, for example, payment details when you use your credit card or bank account online. But it is also about the more simple things such as your surfing behavior. Even if you just surf the internet, nobody cares about what you do there of course.

Many other advantages

The security and protection are not the only advantages of logging into a VPN at home. It is also a way to give yourself more freedom. For example, you can bypass censorship and you can get information anywhere in the world where servers are located. You can also get past geographical blockades. Viewing the content of streaming services from countries such as America, Canada and England has therefore become a good option. There is nothing or no one who can stop you from looking at it. This includes the ability to download safely. That is therefore also important.

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