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July 30, 2020

A Pet to Keep: The Trends of Technology in Raising a Pet at Home

Pets are no longer just animals. Many people consider them as members of the family. Dogs and cats are the common domesticated pets that people usually let them stay at home. As an owner, you want your pets to live comfortably, and you want them to live longer. With the advancement of technology, experts continue their search to help achieve your goal.

The number of pet lovers in America is increasing continuously. They spend time, effort, and even money to give their pets the comfort of life and good health. In the year 2018, Americans spent a massive amount of money on their pet amounting to $72 billion. Despite the financial challenges, they chose to spare time and allocate a budget for their pets. 

Taking care of your pets demands a fraction of your time out of your hectic schedule. It’ll be of so much help when the technology comes in to help manage your time at work and time with your pets. The technology continues to improve in creating innovative inventions. Read on below the list of trends in technology to make your pets happy, safe, and in good health.

Automated Food Dispenser

Having a busy schedule will sometimes make you forget to feed your pets at the right time. Waking up late and going home in heavy traffic will be a big problem to attend to your pets’ needs right away. However, with the help of the latest technology, this problem won’t bother you anymore.

The automated pet feeder is an innovative technology in feeding your pets on time. You can set a schedule when you want the device to dispense food on the pet’s bowl. The good thing about this device is that you can monitor it through a mobile app to dispense food anytime and wherever you are.

Other automated pet feeders have a set of different features. Some devices use Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID attached to the collar tag (News - Alert). You can set a meal schedule for each pet if you have more than one at home. Then, the RFID will detect which one is scheduled at a particular time, and the device will dispense food on the pet's bowl.

Pet Tracker

It’s the nature of the animals to roam around an area as their territory. You could have found your dog in the backyard chasing and playing with other neighboring animals. If you’re fond of walking your pet at the park in the afternoon, you might have experienced unleashing it and playing on the green grass, and losing it completely oblivious where it went.

To avoid getting into trouble going to the lost-and-found department, you can try using a pet tracker. A pet tracker is a technology in a GPS-enabled device installed on your pet’s collar. The device isn’t s bulky and heavy and can be used by your cats and dogs in different sizes.

Also, you need to download an app to manage the device even if you’re away from home. When you are at the office or school, you’ll be at peace when you see your pet is safe. One exciting feature of the pet tracker, it also works as a fitness monitor because you can check the calories count that your pet burns.

Pet Cameras

Aside from the use of Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV to monitor the activities inside your house, there are also innovative devices intended to keep track of the activities of your pets at home. The technology allows you to check and interact with your pets even if you're away from home.

There are various types of pet cameras available in the market today. A stationary camera sits on a particular location capturing videos within its range. The device also works with an app, and it uses a two-way talking system that you and your pet can hear each other. One exciting feature of this device, it detects whenever your dog barks and alerts your phone.

With the use of this technology, it’ll assure you that your pet is safe. However, accidents happen and are inevitable. If the camera captures a video that something occurs at home and injures your dog, you would know it immediately. If your dog’s condition is so bad, bring your dog to Emergency Vets USA as a great place for professional veterinarians around the country.

If your pets are so physically active and can’t be contained in one location, stationary cameras don’t work for you. There’s a type of camera that works like a GoPro (News - Alert) camera that you need to attach to your pet’s collar. The device will record a video on what your pet sees so you can check the footage, and you would know the exact locations where it went.

Pet Houses

If you have a pet, you need to allocate a space at home for your pet to sleep. Nowadays, pet houses transform to be more creative and innovative with the use of technology. As the pet industry continues to grow, some big companies invest in creating smart pet houses for millions of pet lovers around the globe.

During bad weather with lightning and thunder, pets like dogs get so scared and will start panting, hiding under the table, and clinging to their owners. Due to the dog’s increasing panic, it might claw on the wall, chew hard objects, and even break a window to escape.

Dogs have a phobia of thunderstorms that most people don’t know or don’t care to notice. If you are indeed a dog lover, you could have done something for your dog. There are new inventions of smart dog houses available in the market today. A smart dog house uses a sensor to let the owner know that the dog is already inside the little house.

You also have to use an app to connect to the camera inside the dog’s house for monitoring purposes. When the sensor detects that the dog is in, music will play, and a fan will start to keep the dog feel calm and relaxed. The smart dog house also has a design to decrease the thunderstorm vibrations that might cause your dog to panic again.

Pet Doors

Having different pets isn’t new to you and your neighbors in the village. You might have witnessed neighboring dogs gather together in a street as if they have a small meeting. Like humans, pets such as dogs or cats identify their kind and understand the sense of socialization in their language.

Sometimes, your neighbor's pets might visit yours and trespass to your garden and worse, enter your house through a dog door without your knowledge. To prevent this from happening, some companies invented a new technology of smart dog door.

A smart dog door allows the owner to manage it using an app in the smartphone remotely. The door will only open if it detects the RFID tag attached to your pet’s collar. This invention will prevent animal intruders from entering your house without your knowledge in the future.


The different innovative inventions in the pet industry listed above are only a few of those available today. As you consider your pets as part of your family, treat them the way you treat your family members. Like humans, pets also have emotions. They could feel when you’re upset and sad, and they could also sense when you’re happy. Continue to love your pets by attending to their needs. Make them feel loved and protected by giving them these different innovative pet devices and technologies.

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