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July 30, 2020

We're excited about this vaping tech breakthrough

Vaping has always beaten smoking as far as health is concerned, but it hasn’t always been perfect. In previous models, some toxicants would be released during use, making the consumption of vapour when using vaping liquids a healthier alternative to smoking that nevertheless continued to be improved and iterated upon.

And that research has borne fruit, we’re happy to say. We’re now seeing cutting-edge technology announced; new work by the British American Tobacco scientists have led to a product that is much more risk-reduced than previous vaping equipment.

Safer, better.

Able to produce fewer toxicants in vapour upon use, this new product has resulted in smoke where the toxicants found in vapour from other models is entirely absent and overall toxicants reduced by as much as 99%. It’s a real triumph for vaping technology and it’s one we’re overjoyed to see announced.

How normal vaping works.

In the majority of vaping products you can see and buy online and in physical stores, the vaporiser itself works through a conventional mechanism that uses a coil and wick to draw vapour from a reservoir, which is then heated. It’s usually done using a metal coil which is placed in a way so as to surround the wick, resulting in the transference of heat to the soaked wick. This produces vapour. Generally speaking, it’s a solid method and, in higher quality devices, results in fewer toxicants when compared to smoking a cigarette – usually by a drastic amount.

The issue? In some cases, the parts can fail and perform poorly. Wicks can dry out and coils can break and crack, altering the performance of the heating process. This is bad news; a poorly performing wick and coil system can actually heat the e-liquid in a bad manner, producing more toxicants than would be the case when the product is performing properly.

A better way.

The new technology avoids this. Swapping the traditional metal coil out to an entirely new blade made out of stainless steel, the new method interestingly uses a ‘capillary’ method to feed e-liquid up to be heated.

What does that mean? In short, it means that the vaporiser never dries out of overheat like others do. That’s a big deal; it’ll never risk producing more toxicants through the improper heating of e-liquid – and its generally performance is more guaranteed. Great stuff.

We’re doubly happy to see this benefit for a more common practical reason: many users of vaporisers enjoy having them tuned to higher settings to produce more vapor and thicker clouds. This often stresses units,  leading to the risk of damage and the production of more toxicants. Not so with the new tech; even if you’re a person who likes vaping as hot as possible, you won’t run the kind of risk of damaging your unit or your health like you would with older systems.

It's a great breakthrough that we’re sure will lead to a new level of quality in the industry. All great news for adults across the world who love vaping.

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