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July 24, 2020

Kevin Su on the Difficulties Engineers are Facing During the Current Pandemic

It has been over six months since the coronavirus outbreak has started taken an unprecedented toll by disrupting lives, communities, and businesses worldwide. The lives of many have been changed forever and industries have seen drastic loss in both revenue and employment as a result of government interventions and regulations in efforts to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Kevin Su is a mechanical engineer from Vancouver, British Columbia, with eight years of experience. He explains that although many businesses have resumed operations and communities have begun to move through the re-opening stages, policies and regulations have shifted and many factors of life — both in business and in every day — have been forever changed in light of the ongoing pandemic.

Engineers and the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic grips the nation, engineers in particular are asked to continue to work — whether at home or in the workplace. So, what does that mean for them? How are they adjusting business operations during a global pandemic?

Kevin Su understands how difficult this time can be for engineers and also praises how engineers and designers have become even more innovative as a result of this new reality.

Quickly Adjusting to a New Reality

The global threat of COVID-19 has allowed many engineers and designers to re-strategize and work alongside each other to overcome complications that come with operating a business during a global pandemic, notes Kevin Su.

In a recent survey that resulted in nearly 500 responses from a variety of engineers, the majority stated operations are running smoothly and efficiently. In particular, 92% of design engineers reported that they are open for business through some form of remote operations. And while 12% said they have a modified working schedule, they have found ways to navigate through this new working environment to ensure a smooth flow of profitable operations.

What's more impressive is how quickly organizations have reacted to the new reality. The survey also asked about preparation and planning, and initially, only 56% already had a plan in place. That means that the other 36% who are working remotely had to organize and quickly adjust to a new working environment.

Navigating Through with the Help of Software Tools

Today's technology-focused world allows for more remote-based working across many industries. For engineers, 90% said they are using everything from laptops and tablets to smartphones and desktop computers.

In addition, most engineers also reported using their familiar design tools. And, 38% are using modeling software, while another 26% are using simulation software. The other 27% reported using drafting software. Data management tools and cloud-based dashboards have also been vastly used, as expected.

For communication and strategic operational purposes, engineers — like most other professionals — are using everything from standard email, to Zoom, GoToMeetings, and Skype (News - Alert) online conferencing.

Creativity and innovation

In times of uncertainty, changes in business environments can bring forth risks; however, they can also create new opportunities for growth and innovation. As noted by Kevin Su, engineers and engineering teams have been preparing for this type of shift for a while, accommodating work to be done remotely, efficiently, and most importantly, securely.

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