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July 20, 2020

4 Ways Technology is Changing Design

Thanks to technological advancements, we are in a whole new world than ever before! We have so much power at our fingertips and can do just about anything we set our minds to.

Regardless of the field you work in, you’ve likely seen how these advancements have reached just about every industry there is. 

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the most noticeable ways technology has worked to advance design!

1. Architecture and Interior Design

Construction workers and interior designers are no stranger to the technological changes that have been happening over the last few decades, mainly because their jobs have been profoundly impacted.

No longer is the day of hand-drawn blueprints. Now, there are computers and programs explicitly built for this. Architects are gifted with an opportunity to be even more creative because the truth is, just about anything you can think of can be accomplished with the help of some technology. 

One huge advancement has been to focus on more eco-friendly design elements such as LED lighting to be used both inside and outside of buildings. These lights are good for the environment and provide a unique and bright addition to homes and businesses.

To view some great LED light displays, visit and see how new technologies have helped make masterpieces like these possible!

2. Graphic Design

Graphic design is a field flooded with talented artists who can put their creative ideas to paper. It all started with basic sketches and drawings, but now, it is so much more. 

 Today, tablets and computers have been specifically designed for this profession, cutting production times way down while still allowing these artists to work effectively. 

New applications have made the design process much easier so that artists and designers can spend more time on the conceptual aspects of the piece. There are even electronic pencils and stylus’ that cut out the need for paper entirely! 

 The industry of graphic design will only continue to grow as more advancements are made, and we are likely to see some novel creations come to life as a result.

3. Landscapes

It is hard to believe, but these modern technologies have reached the art of landscaping. What was once a job that required hands-on attention is now something that can be completed solely by a machine. 

Programmable lawnmowers, water systems and sprinklers, and fertilizer dispensers are now available on the market. These machines take out the physical labor required to keep the layout of a lawn looking great, thanks to the world of technology.

Even landscaping design and planning has been moved entirely to devices and technologies, allowing great ideas to be drawn out faster than ever before!

4. Photography

Back in the day, there were some photographs that you could only have dreamt of taking. Cameras have come such a long way in an incredibly short period of time, and we are forever grateful for it. 

Even the “simple” cameras found on smartphones have such powerful capabilities and can produce high-quality photos in a matter of seconds. 

Additionally, the development of drones has allowed photographers to gain a whole new perspective during a shoot. Now you can obtain aerial footage, panoramic videos, or high-quality stills all from the same device - it is truly amazing!


With how quickly these advancements have been moving, it is hard to imagine life without any technology at all. But truth be told, it wasn’t all that long ago where many of these ideas seemed completely outlandish and impossible. 

Technology has given us so much, and these are just a few of the amazing things we get to enjoy as a result!

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