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July 20, 2020

How to Stay Connected With The World Around Us

It’s often that our busy lifestyles make it easy to lose touch with the world around us. While we’d like to stay updated with current events, we also work, study, take care of the family and enjoy going out with friends.  

Thanks to the power of technology, information only takes seconds to access. With only a few clicks, you can access the content that you want, whenever you want. So how do you know what mediums to use or where to even start?

Here are some ways you can access news and decide what’s best for yourself: 

1. Good Old-Fashioned Radio 

We know, we know – who even uses the radio anymore, right? Before you write it off, there are still some pretty reliable news channels on the radio, not to mention some decent music stations. 

The great thing about the radio is that you can listen to it anywhere. We like to recommend switching it on in the car while driving. This is an easy and quick way to stay connected with the world around us while getting to our destination. 

The radio is, for the most part, customizable. What you see is what you get. Online stores like Moonraker sell quality radios at affordable prices to always stay connected with the world around us.

2. Television News Channels 

Staying updated with the news is as simple as switching on the TV while drinking your morning coffee. Probably the most-known medium for getting news is big news channels. These are typically free and can be found on streaming services, as well as cable. 

While this version of the news is great as far as accessibility, convenience, and ease of understanding, you need to watch for biased reporting. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a news channel that doesn’t report based on its political leanings. 

The best way to get unbiased news from TV would be to watch the reports of one event on several channels, realizing that the truth is somewhere in the middle. 

3. Social Media Apps

We already use social media on a daily basis, so why not follow news pages to stay updated with current events? While this is an engaging way to stay on top of current events, social media apps recognize what kinds of posts and people you like and follow the most. They have algorithms that show you more of the same kinds of posts you like and interact with. 

There are several problems with this like:

  • Anyone can post on their feed as though it’s a fact, and it’s up to you to debunk it.
  • Algorithms also mean that you’re mostly only getting one side of a story.
  • You run the risk of having a tunnel vision approach to receiving news this way. 

While it’s great to use friends on social media to supplement opinions, don’t let this be your only source of news. It’s bound to be misleading. 

4. News Outlet Websites

A hardcopy of a newspaper might sound nice in theory, but they’re bulky and awkward (not to mention super wasteful!). Luckily, now most news outlets put all of their content online for subscribers to enjoy. There are dozens of news outlet sites that can provide information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can get it however you want it! 

This is probably the most convenient way to get reliable information, although it won’t be free.


There are many ways to take in information: this is both the blessing and curse of technology! With so many options pulling you in different directions, it’s a heavy burden to decide how and where you’ll educate yourself. Don’t get so overwhelmed by all the options that you don’t start, however.

Think about what medium you’re most likely to use more often and go from there. You’re more likely to use something you’re already comfortable with. For example, if you use your phone a lot, an app subscription would be great. If you watch TV daily, a news channel will work best for you. 

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