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July 14, 2020

Top 8 Leading Websites that will help you track Bitcoin live prices & trends to invest in Crypto.

Bitcoin is rising in popularity across the world, but with its escalation in the market, traders and investors often find it overwhelming to keep track of its speculative prices, dynamic statistics, in-depth knowledge, evolving analysis and trends from reliable sites. Won’t you prefer a credible ‘one-stop destination' to access ‘all things bitcoin' effortlessly simply while enjoying your morning coffee or reading a newspaper rather than juggling between various sites? 

One of the most important things that comes to every bitcoin enthusiast's mind is price and analysis. We know how crucial price and analysis are for a bitcoin trader to make informed decisions and to gain from the market. So, here we are with the list of Top 8 Websites that are not only simplified and easy to access but also provide crypto prices with an array of vital information that will give you an in-depth understanding.

Note: The following list is for information purpose only and does not endorse/sponsor any product, company, or services. 

1. This website is quick and simple which is all you really need to check bitcoin live prices. The site has some engaging characteristics that give you a live update of the price and volume. It also gives you information on which cryptocurrencies have been performing well in the last 24 hours. Furthermore, it highlights increasing values as well as the venue of those which are not performing well likewise. 

2. This Bitcoin trading software is designed to eliminate the need to spend hours analyzing daily live prices and markets. It provides an automation tool with valid data and market intelligence,  which will do all the work for you. All people have to do is sit back and watch the software go.  It is an ‘all in one' pick for any bitcoin enthusiast.

3. Just like, this specific website presents a wealth of information, charts and graphs briefly. The site allows prices, transaction value fee, volume, hash rate, block time, size and difficulty. Using this website will let you keep track of all your crypto values without any hassle.

4. Coinmarket is a prominent and notable website for checking crypto prices. It is also popular for its comprehensive data section that allows analysis of crypto over a period of the last five years. The site is frequently updated and highlights milestones such as highs and lows of numerous assets. 

5. This website is the perfect choice for our old school bitcoiners who love to analyze prices and rates across popular exchanges and study corresponding charts of Altcoins and Bitcoins. The exchange chart is simple in presentation and gives you the precise data on your easy one-touch. 

6. Transactions and data coming live in the form of animated pictures and sound help you to better understand Bitcoin network activity. Bitcoinmonitor is a website useful to our right-brained analysts. The site is modest and enjoyable to use with its customized price charts that illustrate the live bitcoin prices in the form of a creative and intriguing weather forecast. When the prices go low, a snowy scene is shown and when prices go high, a green springtime scene materializes. 

7. is an elaborate website with a thorough comparative chart list. The website is not for beginners but rather it’s an essential tool for bitcoiners who are interested in comparing numerous points as well as studying the respective hash rates of BTC, BTH and BSV. The site specializes in hash rate, nodes, block sizes and even gives information related to the cash transaction fee. The notable feature of the site is that it allows comparison of your average, daily and latest Bitcoin mining pool and even comparative charts from over the years.

8. A simple, clean, colourful and informative website for every bitcoiner out there. This website summarizes multiple options to track exchange lists, trading volume, rank, price, market cap, trades per minute, volatility, and arbitrage. This site also allows its fellow users to change the chart type for their convenience. For example: from a bar graph to a linear graph. Other options listed include the number of transactions, the time between blocks, hash rate, block sizes and version. There is also a separate chart for exchange, trades per minute and market share. All in all, is indeed a one-stop destination for all your bitcoin-related needs.

With the help of this list, you will be able to make an informed decision and trade like a pro. There are many more resources and websites coming up every day that can assist you with trading. Finding new sites, staying updated with the crypto economy, analyzing its unique metrics is all part of the game but it is all about finding the right type of analysis that best suits your game. So, we suggest that you find the perfect website for you and stick with it for a long time. 

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