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July 14, 2020

The Next Phase of Machine Learning

Have we already reached the pinnacle of technological advancement? It seems like it. We already have everything that was once the subject of science fiction novels. From smartphones to AI, the future has arrived—or has it?

No doubt, we have barely scratched the surface of progress as technology continues to evolve. There is more we can do with the things we have recently discovered from the looks of it. One discovery with a lot of room for potential is machine learning.

Indeed, we will be seeing more of modern life being run by automated software. With machine learning, organizations can streamline complicated tasks at minimal costs.

But machine learning won’t stop there. Industries are beginning to realize the value it brings to companies and even individuals, compelling a drive to explore the technology’s full potential in other sectors.

So, what are we going to expect from machine learning in the coming years?

Widespread application in drug research

The healthcare industry has to be the first and most important beneficiary of new technology. Big data, for one, is making it possible for medical researchers to test different configurations while developing more effective drugs.

Using AI-powered software, researchers can make better decisions and analyses of results from trials. In effect, researchers are able to generate more accurate data quickly based on previous trials, thereby increasing productivity. 

The role of search engines in politics

Search engines have become even smarter since Google (News - Alert) rolled out algorithm updates that sought to improve user experience through machine learning. These also provide organizations with insights on how they can increase their online visibility and attract target audiences.

Sure enough, such applications of machine learning have reached political spheres. Issues concerning Google bias against conservatives have been raised, and it’s alleged cherry-picking of content has spurred speculations that search engines could be weaponized against parties and candidates.

Sure enough, political campaigns from both sides of the spectrum are incorporating SEO tactics in order to secure a more favorable position online. Like it or not, machine learning will definitely influence the future of electoral contests.

Synthesizing schools with machine learning

The educational sector will also benefit considerably as machine learning reaches its next phase. Though the technology has limitations today, its application in educational research and actual classroom practice seems promising.

For one, machine learning can be used in educational management systems, allowing educators to identify struggling learners and come up with better means to provide support and encouragement.

This allows teachers to tailor-fit better learning experiences in line with the different needs of individual students. Other than that, machine learning makes it possible to translate or transcribe a variety of content accurately.

This makes it easier for schools to contextualize learning materials along cultural and linguistic lines. The technology may have yet to reach full refinement, but the future looks bright for students everywhere.

Indeed, machine learning will continue to provide something new in the years to come. It is only a matter of knowing how we can respond to and apply new concepts to solve problems and bridge gaps.

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