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July 10, 2020

How Tech Helps Companies Survive During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way that many companies are doing business. In order to survive this trying time, they have had to learn how to adapt in a variety of different ways. This is how tech is helping companies survive during COVID-19.

Online Chats

Companies are having to figure out different ways to connect with their clients and their staff. They can easily do this through online chats. These chats utilize audio and video so that the users can talk to one another. The host of the online chat can create their own virtual room that requires a password for others to enter. This allows for an environment that’s conducive to sharing even secure information.

Video Signage

Companies can even use video signage to help their business during this time. A lot of companies are using digital signage to provide contact-free service to customers. They can use these signs to let their customers know things like their hours of operation, digital menus, or important COVID-19 related business information. This signage allows individuals to get the information that they need without having to step foot inside of a business.

Group Classes

Some businesses rely on having the ability to conduct classes in order to gain revenue. They can utilize tech by doing online group classes. The company can charge the attendees for each class that they attend, and they can easily receive payments through online money transfer services like Paypal or Zelle. Group classes can be very beneficial for businesses like gyms, dance studios, or higher education facilities. Students can still learn what they need to despite stay at home orders. A lot of individuals are feeling the need to connect with one another, and taking a group class is a great way for them to not feel so isolated while they are stuck at home.

Online Ordering

A lot of individuals don't want to leave their homes during this time. Because of this, some businesses will suffer if they don't find a way to sell their products to consumers. Certain businesses have started allowing customers to order their products online. Even if they haven't had a huge online presence in the past, they are using technology to create online stores that make ordering their items easy for their customers. A lot of restaurants and grocery stores are expanding their online ordering options as well. This can help them keep their existing customers and even bring in some new ones.

Payroll Options

Fortunately, some individuals are able to work even if their company's physical location is closed. However, companies still need a way to deal with employee hours and payroll remotely as their employees aren't actually reporting to work in person. These companies are using apps in order for employees to record their hours. They also can use payroll programs that will allow them to process their employees' hours conveniently from their own homes. This ensures that everyone gets paid for the correct hours that they have worked and are able to get their paycheck direct deposited into their bank accounts without delay.

Without tech, a lot of companies would struggle during COVID-19. By utilizing the tech mentioned above, it can make all the difference whether or not a company can survive during this difficult time. While businesses may have to adapt in a way that they never have had to before, they may be able to make it through COVID-19 without having to lay off their employees or go out of business.

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