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July 10, 2020

Tech Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2020

Each and every year is exciting for different reasons. However, with the innovations available in today’s technological-filled world, it is the technology that most people look forward to. Whether it is just a small adaption to a new smart lock or a technology that could potentially cure cancer, it seems like each New Year brings more and more innovative changes to the world. These changes are not only exciting for various reasons, but they pose investment opportunities as well as tons of real-world applications. That being said, if you want to get in on the ground floor and take advantage while the good is good, you’ll need to know where to invest and what trends to watch out for. While 2020 has already seen many changes, there are more to come. Here are some tech trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

You probably see AI on one of these lists every year. In fact, you are probably getting sick of seeing it, but you have to admit that 2020 has already taken the technology further than it has even been before. The technology is there. The only problem is that it is so expensive that it is just out of the reach of the average consumer. That being said, AI has no doubt been creeping through the ranks for a number of years now. There are now even computers and machines available that can actually learn like a human., It won’t be long before you are having longer and more meaningful conversations that what you’ll have with humans. Today’s modern AI systems can do everything from interrupt languages to recognize facial expressions. Google’s (News - Alert) TensorFlow is something that you’ll certainly want to watch out for, as it could potentially change the customer service industry for good.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

It would be hard for anyone to deny that IT smartification hasn’t encouraged all businesses to adopt IoT app development. Thanks to this, the technology has now become one of the most exciting and most familiar technologies available. What’s even more impressive with this tech is that it offers applications that affect nearly every aspect of your daily life. There is no denying that there are still a handful of viable applications available, but it is predicted that by the end of 2020, 40% of regional government will be converted to use IoT technologies. This technology is so daunting because it allows you to take infrastructures from assets to liabilities. Just look at all the smart devices available for your home. Expect all new entries by the end of 2020 with even more exciting features.

Blockchain Technology

Anybody that’s been playing baccarat with online quality casinos already knows a little bit about blockchain technology. This is a type of technology that online casinos are now taking advantage of to make payments more secure and quicker. Heck, some of the biggest banks in the world have already migrated over to the technology as well. With the rate that this technology is growing, it is something that you can expect to see in retail stores and every major financial branch in just a few years. The thing so interesting about blockchain technology is that it really is an old concept with a new twist. Cryptocurrency is the very thing that gave us blockchain technology and look at the impact that it has made. Some retail stores are now using the technology. Blockchain has even more real-world, viable potentials than cryptocurrency so you can expect it to grow further than cryptocurrency.

Voice Recognition (VR)

Products like Alexa and Siri have already been in circulation for years, but 2020 could be the year that it goes where it hasn’t been before. This technology has already proven more than useful in every day for many individuals, but these applications have remained limited to their use. This is likely to no longer be the case by the end of 2020. It is just a matter of time before every device around you will be able to perform following voice commands. Just look at the devices that already operate under these premises. Your smart locks, Googles, your phone, your navigation system, and tons of other devices. These devices will surely find their way in the coming years.


This article is written by Matt Stevens, who is a proponent and huge supporter of technology. He has a technology blog where blogs every day about technology and the impacts that it will make on the world. For him, it is all about technology and how it can change people’s lives for the better.

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