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July 10, 2020

7 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Python

Is it worth spending time and resources to learn Python? Since it was developed, it has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the market. Python skills are, in fact, one of the most sought after skills among programmers and developers. As this technology continues to grow in popularity, it is important to invest the time to learn.

Discover some of the benefits of Python training and why it is worthwhile to master this programming language. This knowledge and skill is going to benefit you in the years ahead as its application is expected to grow in the coming years.

1. Python is a General-Purpose Programming Language

This is one of the significant advantages of Python training since you can use it for pretty much anything. Whatever type of project you are working on, this language will prove useful. It can be data science (its most popular application), web development, computer graphics, game development, geography and mapping, mathematical and scientific computing, trading, finance, and application-specific scripting.

Indeed, there is a comprehensive array of uses for this programming language, so it benefits any professional to learn this type of language. The versatility of this language is one of the reasons why it is growing in popularity because people from all fields are learning it. Regardless of what career you have or trying to pursue, this is a valuable addition to your skill set.

2. Python is In Demand and Pays Quite Well

Speaking of adding to your skill set, there is one more incentive to undergo Python training: it pays well. Python is now the programming language of choice for many big companies  due to its versatility and ease of maintenance. For this reason, this skill set could potentially land you a job in any of the companies that are currently using it such as Google (News - Alert), Amazon, NASA, Netflix, Quora, and Instagram. In fact, most of the large corporations that use the program experience a high level of demand for personnel that have this particular skill and knowledge.

In terms of salary projection, there is also a huge potential for those who have knowledge of Python. With a salary projection of $103,500 annually, people with knowledge of this programming language are among the best paid programmers in the world. It easily beats out other programming languages such as C++ and JavaScript.

3. Python is User-Friendly

Undergoing Python training should never intimidate those who are keen to learn this programming language. It is beginner-friendly and designed with simplicity. In fact, beginners can easily grasp the concept behind this programming language so it is easy to learn and master. The syntax is easy to read and analyze. It is also famously clean and easy to work with so that beginners and experts alike can handle it with ease.

4. Python is Relevant in Data Science

One of the most notable applications of Python is in terms of data science and data analysis. This is one of those areas that is fueling its popularity these days. In fact, Justin McGrath, a researcher at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana believes that this programming language is going to be the de facto standard for conducting scientific and statistical analysis in the future. For those who might be interested in establishing a career in those fields, then it is worth learning and mastering this programming language so you gain a competitive edge.

5. Python is Open-Source (News - Alert)

This is yet another proof of Python’s versatility – it is an open-source language. Since this language is open, it is easier to study and learn especially since you have a community of programmers and developers who can help you in case you run into trouble. The open-source nature of this programming language makes it easy to use across all platforms, which broadens the span of professionals who use it. At the same time, you can access support from professionals at any level – from beginners to the experts.

6. The Demand is High for Python Developers

If you want to build your career as a developer, then your Python training could come in handy. There is a high level of demand for this particular skill set since this is now the programming of choice for many companies. Job trends in the past 5-8 years (or specifically, since 2012) has shown an upward trend in demand for this particular skill. Therefore, there is a promising outlook for Python developers at the moment.

7. Python Offers an Amazing Ecosystem

As mentioned above, Python is easy to learn because of the readable syntax and clean design. But that is not all – it also offers an extensive suite of library resources that you can use when learning. You can find a variety of resources if you want to update your skill set with Python knowledge. You also have access to a rich array of libraries, testing framework and functionality when developing a website, app, or any other project you are working on.

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