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July 09, 2020

How can press release distribution service help your company's SEO?

For the uninitiated, formulating a press release that ticks off all the necessities of search engine optimization can turn out to be an incredibly valuable tool for positioning yourself in an authoritative spot in the industry. Besides, a decent SEO will also allow you to build inbound links for your website through which your target audience can directly browse through the products/services offered under the banner. Nevertheless, preparing a press release that contains all the important details about the latest product launch, features, technological advancement, and other such milestones will just let you design one half of the puzzle. In order to complete it, you will have to inexorably rely on the amenities of the best press release distribution service that has the maximum reach.

The reason why are particularly emphasizing on the “best” press release distribution is that not all these service providers are the same. Some distribution outlets (those that are paid) generate the best rankings for press releases and uses specific keywords, anchor links, meta tags, and industry targets that are relevant to the content that will be published. When these criteria are sincerely complied with, your press release is bound to come up amongst the top 3 or 5 results on search engines like Google (News - Alert) News, Yahoo News, and MSNBC. What's more? Several reports have revealed that press releases that are optimized with a set of target keywords and posted by none other than PR distribution services appear on the first page of Google itself and that too within 24 hours of their publication.

On the surface level, there are two different ways of distributing the press release. The first one resembles news/wire services where the coverage is made available for all media outlets in a given area. On the other hand, the second one only works with a few specific targets in the industry. In both these cases, the best press release distribution service focuses on producing backlinks. The PR group persuades some of the leading websites, media houses and journalists to put your press release in the limelight by attaching pertinent links that redirect to your company's website and result in a huge amount of equity. Other than this, your business can also magnetize a lot of backlinks from people who will actually read the news and share it. 

Creating top-notch backlinks is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks in SEO, and there cannot be any doubt about it. Therefore, unless you have an expert looking after this matter and buying useful links and implementing full-proof strategies, going about the whole thing will be really difficult. The best press release distribution service is equipped to build backlinks in the blink of an eye and that too the ones that cannot be segregated with the others from the same category. Remember that if the backlinks aren’t of superlative quality, they will not only be taken down but, you will also be penalized for violating the regulations.

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