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July 08, 2020

4 Hybrid Smartwatches With Traditional Looks

If you had asked an average person in the 1970s how they want a watch to look like in 50 years, they would have told you that they want a watch that has a touch screen, allows you to communicate all around the planet within seconds and can monitor your health. While this might have sounded like a dream back, then it is nothing more than normal in today’s age. We are currently living in the golden age of technology and the devices we used in our day to day lives are getting better with each passing day. But while a lot of people love the new futuristic models of smartwatches, there are people who want these latest features in the traditional quartz watches. So, if you are one of those people and watch these Apple (News - Alert) watch-like features in traditional watches like Omega watches for men, then here are a few hybrid smartwatches that will be perfect for you.

Skagen Hagen

If you are looking for an affordable quartz watch, then Skage Hagen is an excellent option. It keeps things simple, and its thin and clean design makes it the choice of subtle people. The steel case of the wall is 12mm thick, which is relatively thicker than the other models. The dial of the watch is also clean, as it only has two hands. Despite its traditional design Skagen Hagen has features like fitness tracking, sleep tracking, music controller, and phone finder. It also has a long battery life of almost six months.

Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

Another smartwatch that you should consider getting is the fossil hybrid smartwatch. The watch has a very classy design with a steel blue color dial and brown straps. It can be your go-to watch if you are looking for both style and smart features. The watch can track your daily activity, track sleep, check phone notifications, check dates, and control music. It also has an amazing battery life and can last for an entire year.

Misfit (News - Alert) Command

If you don’t want to go too traditional either, then the Misfit command is the watch you are looking for. With this watch, you will forget about the digital readout. This black watch with a sleek design has a charm of its own. Both the case and the dial of the watch move in the analog direction. The watch also has a small sub-dial on the 6-o-clock mark, which tells you about the mode of the watch. The watch can show phone notifications, can track activity, count calories, lets you control music, and can track sleep as well.

Alpina Alpiner X

This watch has that traditional sports watch look with a digital readout in the middle. Alpina is among the few rare Swiss watch brands who have accepted the smartwatch technology. The watch has a light fiberglass case and rubber straps, and it allows you to track both sleep and heart rate. It also shows the phone notifications on the dial and can measure pressure altitude and temperature as well.

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