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June 30, 2020

5 Reasons Why Every Business Needs an Online Marketing Strategy

While most businesses are aware of the need for an online marketing strategy – to retain existing customers, connect with potential customers, and to establish a competitive edge – many still don’t inform themselves of what they should be doing, more specifically, the need for a custom, integrated online marking strategy. This strategy should be based on the predicted growth of the business, its target audiences, and its brand image. To ensure the highest return on investment, you need to make sure that your online marketing strategy stems from specific business needs.

1. Connect with Customers

A recent report from The Telegraph found that, on average, people spend 24 hours a week online, with one in five adults spending as much as 40 hours a week on the web. For businesses to ensure that they are relevant and making the most of this valuable potential market, they need an online marketing strategy. Having a thought-through strategy will ensure that a business is being displayed to people interested in what it has to offer, helping to bring new and interested potential customers to a business. This is where companies like Searchbloom become so vital, as they partner with companies to help develop and plan the most appropriate digital strategies for their business aims.

2. Stand Out from the Competition

One of the most promising aspects of online marketing is the potential for smaller businesses to compete with household names, more specifically, the ability of a high search engine ranking to push a company from obscurity to fame practically overnight. Since 73% of Google (News - Alert) users report never looking past the first page, it isn’t hard to understand how critical that coveted first-page placement is. 

3. Access a Wider Target (News - Alert) Audience

Online marketing strategies enable businesses to have unprecedented access to their target audiences. Having a strategy that focuses on advertising to relevant internet users will identify the best keywords and content subjects and apply these to boost SEO rankings. Not only will this help to bring in new and relevant customers who are more likely to make purchases, but it will also help in creating a more cohesive brand identity.

4. It’s an Opportunity to Learn

Not only does a digital marketing strategy benefit a business by bringing in new customers, promoting a brand, and creating loyal customer relationships, it can also provide valuable data. Online advertisements offer the potential to reach some of the 4.57 billion daily internet users alongside the ability to gain valuable insights into their click-through rates, engagement levels, and sales. Additionally, tools like Google Analytics enable companies to track all aspects of their online engagement, which can help to inform future goals, investments, and product development. 

5. Flexibility

When compared with more traditional advertising formats, online marketing stands out for the various paths available, meaning that online marketing strategies can fit the vision and goals of a company most appropriately, as well as being able to change and grow in line with these over time. Campaigns can be tested and stopped in real-time, providing quick and useful information that can inform future strategies and helping businesses to strive for the highest return on investment at all times.  

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