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June 30, 2020

Why Companies Should Use AI more often

AI technology is evolving at a fast pace in the business world. As such, more companies have adopted the technology to their business because of the many benefits it carries.

Perhaps you are thinking that AI is strictly for global tech businesses only. But interestingly, AI is here for all types of business and for all industries. With that said, let’s see the top 5 reasons you need to implement AI in your company.

Achieve Efficient Business Processes

Once you implement AI in your business, you will save a lot of time that could have been lost in routine everyday tasks and manual processes. Let’s say you want to send 30 follow-up messages to your unresponsive clients. Without AI, you will have your salesperson send the follow-up messages, and probably the clients may still be unresponsive.

Consequently, you will have wasted time on the unresponsive client.

Instead, your salesperson could have focused on your responsive client and continue to build more business relationship with him/her. And that’s where AI steps in. It will enable you to focus on more rewarding (more profitable) tasks.

Predict Future Trends

For maximum efficiency, you need to analyze the current trends and use them (current trends) to predict future tendencies accurately. But it is impossible for your team of data analyzers to efficiently and accurately do all this manually.

In such cases, implementing AI in business will enable you to maximize your ability as well as use the market trends in the present and the future. As such, you will be able to beat your competitors and skyrocket your business.

Create Personalized Customer Experience

AI can enable you to present your business offers according to your customer’s preferences. This is handy, especially for e-commerce businesses. How is this possible?

AI can ‘spy’ your target customers’ behavior and gives a report. Then using your customer’s data, AI enables you to suggest related products to your customers. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for your customers to search for your product to know what they like. You rely on data collected using AI and escalate your business.

Automate Your Customer Support

You can use Artificial Intelligence chatbot which is a software app used engage in an online one-to-ones and dialogue. Chatbots are cheaper, swifter, more efficient, and 24/7 available, thanks to AI technology. What’s more, they significantly improve your user experience. So, you can save the resources you could have used to hire customer support staff to answer your client’s queries.

What’s more, Chatbots’ efficiency increases with time due to increasing data. So, they become less susceptible to errors and make them more friendly with your clients. In fact, this is one of the reasons big companies have shifted to use chatbots for customer support.

Stay Competitive

Of course, you don’t want to lag behind modern times. Your competitors will, sooner or later, implement AI in their business. What’s more, they will enjoy the benefits that come along with this transformative technology.

Consequently, your market share will fall as your competitor’s business processes will be more efficient. However, with the help of AI and companies like Productive Edge, you can always be ahead of competitors.

Bottom Line

From the reasons above, it is clear that implementing AI technology in your business can usher in a golden age of productivity and prosperity that you desire. With that said, now, the ball is on your side.


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