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June 29, 2020

Overcrowded Courtrooms: We Take A Look

There was a time when there was a shortage of lawyers. But with so many people graduating from law school, there's an overabundance. This makes it harder for new lawyers to establish themselves, which is made worse by the debt they likely get into.

With that said, those passionate about pursuing a career in law shouldn’t be dissuaded from following their dream. It’s still possible to become a successful lawyer despite the surplus of practicing attorneys. What’s more, there are alternatives to law school which allow individuals to work in the legal profession.

Go Obscure

If you already have your degree, you can go back to school and focus on something obscure. Seek out an area of law that other people aren't focusing on. Everyone does family law, divorce, car accidents, and even corporate law. You can do something that is relatively unknown. Talk to your professors to see if they have any fields to recommend. The more obscure, the better your chances of finding a significant amount of work.

Chasing Something Attainable

Those who haven't earned their degree, and are just thinking about it, still have a way out. Student debt is a problem in America. Some students graduate with so much debt they can't live comfortably. Given the high cost of law school, it’s understandable why some decide to earn an MSL online rather than go to law school. Simply put, an MSL is cheaper. Earning this type of degree doesn’t take long, which is another plus, and you still get to work in law.

Seek Out Smaller Communities

Another effective way to address this problem is by simply going to smaller communities. Lawyers tend to stay in metropolitan areas like people with other degrees. The communities that are often neglected tend to be small towns and rural communities. If you want to be in a place with less competition where you have a shot, then move to these communities. It's hard to move somewhere you don't know, which is the reason many people don't do it, but it's definitely one thing that could help you.

Learn a New Language

America is a melting pot, which is the reason there are many cultures here. It may be a good idea to use that to your advantage. If you have a degree that many folks have, then consider learning another language. Try to choose a language that is used by a large percentage of people where you live. The reason you are doing this is so that you can cater to a group of people that other lawyers in your field are unable to. Make sure you learn the language fluently so that you are able to provide the help folks need. Learning a language is something you can do in your spare time, which is good, too.

Go Outside the Norm

Another solution is to simply go outside the norm. There are plenty of jobs that could use your knowledge without you practicing law in the way you thought you would. For example, there are folks who get involved in the other side of the system and become judicial clerks or something similar. Other folks get involved in politics, which is an area that benefits from a background in law. If you don't want that lifestyle, you could also consider legal journalism, and these are some options you've got.

The career landscape is changing for lawyers, but that doesn't mean you can't reinvent yourself. You can still come out on top if you do things a little differently, which is what all of this was about.

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