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June 26, 2020

How to Bring Organic Traffic to your Online Store?

A potent SEO strategy is crucial when it comes to steering organic traffic to your online store. Even tough E-commerce websites can be difficult to optimize, there are a few effective and quite simple ways to achieve the wanted results and give your online store a great chance to appear on Search Engine Result Page.

Competition analysis

In order to beat your competitors, you need to understand them first. Run their category pages through one of the tools for keyword search (like SEMrush or Ahrefs) to see which keywords steer the most traffic to their sites. After sorting them out by volume, you will be able to see and pick, the ones that could serve you.

Prioritize optimization pages

It is not recommended to just optimize every page of your website at once, instead prioritize which ones you want to tackle first. Set up Google (News - Alert) Analytics, sort by traffic, and you will be able to see which pages are the most important.

Include keywords in your title tags

The clickable headline, that appears on the SERP, is a title tag (News - Alert), therefore it is vital for your website to include your primary keyword, which should also be relevant to your industry; search engines will identify the title tag and display it.

Product description

The product description should be written by you and not copied; it’s the originality that will help differentiate your products from your competition. For each product make sure you include the primary keyword, use action words, such as click, learn, buy, and point out your distinctive selling point (quick delivery, free shipping).

Do not forget about image names

In case you did not know, people can also search for your images, and like words, they will appear on SERPs. For the product pictures on your website, every image needs to have a name that includes a relevant keyword.

Create a consistent blog

Creating a relevant blog, and updating it regularly, can greatly increase your chances of being linked from a different location. It is important to build a strong network of backlinks because it will help your site to climb up the SERPs and get noticed.

Use social media to steer traffic

The one thing you can truly count on today is that people are always active on different social media platforms, and you can easily use this to steer them into your direction. First of all, you will need engaging, high-quality content. You can look for inspiration to your competitors but do not copy them.

And social media platforms are not just a strong element when it comes to steering online traffic, they also enable you to engage with your clients directly; so basically while you are steering traffic to your website, you are also building a community for your clientele.


There are a lot of different approaches on how to successfully drive organic traffic to your website, but following this quick guide should help you get some wanted results. Keep in mind, SEO strategies are ever-changing and if you want to stay on top, you will have to keep up.

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