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June 26, 2020

Top Medical Technologies of Recent Times

Other than a just stethoscope and the microscope, medical inventions have come a very long way. The health care industry is constantly changing because of an increase in population, availability of internet sources, and changes in lifestyle, etc. This is why technologies in the medical field are changing at a much faster rate than ever before. In recent times, many new equipment and gadgets are introduced which are now helping to counter even the deadliest diseases.

1.Personalized Medicine

It is an advanced trend that offers individual treatment for each patient suffering from the same medical condition. This concept never existed a few years back. Now that research and development have unfolded the fact that medicines can be personalized based on the medical history of each person, what their bodies are like at that present moment, and what else they are suffering from, medication is prescribed differently. It is happening at various levels from biotechnology to pharmacy industries. They are all working hand in hand to make it possible.


One of the most advanced trends in medicine includes telehealth which is becoming more and more refined with time. Due to expansion in internet services, easily wearable devices, telehealth has provided a platform where the patients could be contacted and communicated with from large distances. Health monitors and many applications are used for this purpose so that patients can be checked, tested, treated, and prescribed with medication which is required for their illness. Many barriers like long transportation, language, etc are removed through telehealth.

3.Blockchain Technology

Almost every one of us is familiar with the term blockchain technology, but very few of us know its utility in medicine. We know that medical facilitation involves breach into some of the most personal information of individuals, and sharing this information with scientists, and medical specialists can help treat a patient at a much faster rate than otherwise. It securely saves the data, and at the same time make sure that it cuts down the cost for patients and service providers as well.

4.Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

This technology advancement is helping doctors to deal with a larger number of patients, give them more time, and treat them with greater effectivity than ever before. This revolution helps in evaluating multiple reports at one time, such as many CT scans can be analyzed at one time without wasting time for each one separately. It also helps in the detection of various patterns which are then analyzed to decide the actual disease a person might be suffering from. This technology, just like others, is getting better with time in its utility for physicians.


This article was focused on the top medical technologies of recent times so that the readers may get to know about various options. Just like the Fortis Medical Billing that offers new operations and services, these new technologies are doing the same for us. Keep these options in mind, learn more about them, and make sure you get these services when and how they are required.

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