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June 17, 2020

How to boost your App Downloads by 80% using an App Store QR code

With a whopping 2.7 billion smartphone users across the globe, it's no surprise that the mobile app industry is skyrocketing. Studies show that Americans check their phones 80 times a day! To which, 90% of this mobile time is spent on apps. 

Statistics show that annual mobile app downloads will reach up to 258 billion by 2021, which is an increase of 45% of 178 billion app downloads in 2017. With the use of smartphones only expected to grow 7 billion by next year, the popularity of mobile app usage will continue to permeate in the coming years as well.

Now, this might sound promising for anyone who owns an app or planning to develop an app. But wait- it isn't as easy as it sounds. With over 2.56 million apps available in Google Playstore following Apple (News - Alert)'s App Store with almost 1.85 million apps for iOS, how can you possibly compete and claim your spot with such a vast number of apps in the market?

For you to succeed in this space, two things must happen:

1. Users need to download your app

2. Users need to use your app

But how can you promote your app faster and expand your reach so people will download it? The answer- App Store QR code! 

What is an App Store QR Code?

App Store QR code is a dynamic QR code that will redirect smartphone users to Google (News - Alert) Playstore, Apple App Store, or Amazon store to download your app. The user will be redirected to which store depending on his device type. 

What does this mean? 

Well, devices with an Android (News - Alert) operating system will have a different user interface with an iPhone system- because the iPhone is developed and created with only an exclusive operating system made by Apple. 

Therefore, App Store QR code first detect the user's device type and apply different logic for each operating system. 

How to create your App store QR code

  • Choose a credible QR Code generator online
  • Click “app stores” from the category 
  • Enter the URL of your app for iPhone and Android
  • Click “generate”
  • Customize your QR code
  • Distribute your QR code (edit if there are any errors)
  • Track your app store QR code marketing campaign 

What is the Benefit of the App Store QR Code?

With an App Store QR code generated using QRTIGER, which is a trusted QR code generator online, you don't need to worry about marketing and promoting your app for two different devices operating system (Android and ios)

When a smartphone user scans your App Store QR code, QRTiger's robust and powerful engine detects the type of device the user is using to scan the QR code and redirect it to a URL in a matter of seconds according to his mobile operating system. 

7 ways App store QR code will make a difference in your app marketing.

1. Redirect smartphone users to the different app store

This is one of the most obvious use cases when generating an app store QR code for your app because it can lead your scanners to a particular play store to promote and download your app, which is more accessible. 

2. One QR code for all app store connections 

You do not need to create separate QR codes as you can connect all major app stores such as Apple Store, Google Playstore, and Amazon App Store in a single QR code. One QR code conveniently links to all app stores on a single landing page. You only need to custom-design one QR code so the scanners can come to a particular app store and download your app immediately without having to search through separate links. 

3. Data Tracking of your App Store QR code scans

App store QR code is powered by a dynamic QR code that allows you to edit and view real-time data-tracking of your app store QR code campaigns. Essential data such as the total number of scans, device used, and from which country or area you get your scans from are revealed! This gives you an insight about your target audience!

Tracking is vital for your App Store QR code marketing campaign as it allows you to analyze where you stand on your App Store QR code campaign. Are you getting enough leads? Is your QR code marketing getting enough scans? What should you do more to improve? This allows you to formulate and shape a successful QR code marketing strategy and calculate your exact ROI or return of your investment of your QR code campaign.

4. Boost multi-channel app marketing efforts with print & digital platform advertising 

This is one of the considerable advantages of the QR code marketing campaign as you can advertise your app store QR code both in print material or in digital means, as both platforms are scannable! You can scan QR code promote in print media, and you can also promote them online and let smartphone users scan them on computer screens, which expands your reach! 

5. Customizable app store QR code 

Make your app store QR code marketing stand out by customizing it! Add a logo, unique style edges, set the colors, add a call-to-action, and customize the overall appearance of your QR code according to your brand! You can style your QR code's design, shape, and choose the size that will fit and will be scannable to its advertising environment, whether in print or digital! 

6. Editable QR code

What if you already have printed your QR code and realized you made an error in entering the correct link of your app? This could be a total waste of effort and money! But worry no more! You can edit the link of your App store QR code and correct it even when printed! No need to create another QR code.

7. App Store QR code is optimized for smartphone users.

App store QR code is great to boost your app marketing as it can be optimized for mobile users for them to view your content, load quickly, and download your app right away! App Store QR Code streamline the process from desktop computers to smartphone devices and print display to digital display. 

How to make your App Store QR code marketing a success

Add a Call-to-action

A call to action results in 80% more scans, and it is essential as it will prompt smartphone users to scan your QR code. Add a call-to-action like "scan to download." It is essential to let your scanners know why they should scan your QR code.

Customize your QR code 

A customize QR code is eye-catchy and can spark your customers' interest instead of monochromatic QR code colors. Make your QR code align to your brand and aim by:

  • Adding a logo, image, icon on your QR code

Adding a logo or icon on your App store QR code is useful to promote your branding. Moreover, it also secures your scanners that it is not some kind of spammy QR code. Put your logo or icon in the middle of your QR code.

  • Set the colors

Style your QR code with colors to make your brand noticeable. QR codes with customized colors add value to your brand and make them stand out. Just make sure that the pattern color of your QR code is darker than the background color. 


It is recommended that your QR code should be at least 1.2 inches (3-4 cm) in dimension in close proximity to be scanned. However, it will still depend on where you will place your QR code; the further it is, the bigger the size needs to be scanned better. 


App Store QR Code Positioning and placement

Place your QR code in the right area or position to make it noticeable and easily scannable for your scanners. 


Printing formats 

You can download your app store QR code in a PNG or SVG file, which is both great in printand online ads as well. An SVG file is great for printing at the highest quality! It is a vectorial format that can be used in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. Nevertheless, a PNG file can also be used online. 


Use cases of App store QR code



L'Oreal teamed up with Glamour, came up with a marketing strategy to implement QR codes inside taxis, and entertain passengers' stuck in heavy traffic! The QR code initiative advertisement-supported various product lines like Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent. The QR code ads displayedinside taxis will lead scanners to videos and informationabout the items, and leading them to the company’s website. The quick-wit used of QR codes helped L'Oreal boost its app downloads by 80 percentusing its app QR code.


With the online ProVia product catalog where users can download the app using an app store QR code, customers can easily search throughextensive database of commercial vehicle parts and finding the right replacement product, anytime, anywhere!

Provia integrated an app store QR code in their marketing to help their customers see the latest ProVia catalog at the tip of their fingertips, see new product specs, lines, and distributor information. Their customers can download their bespoke App for iOS or Android. 

Beauty Design Hub

Beauty Box (News - Alert) By Christine is developed by Beauty Design Hub, which is a beauty industry that provides aesthetic services. They encourage customers to download their app to keep their clients up-to-date about their appointments, upcoming offers, discounts, and availability! 


Jumia is the number 1 online retail store in Uganda. Shoppers can download their app using an app store QR code and allow them to shop conveniently anywhere they may be! 


Waitrose, a British supermarket chain, rolled out a QR code campaign for their Christmas ad! Upon scanning the QR code allowed people to install Waitrose's smartphone app.

Mobile apps in Enterprise as the most common application

While the web browser continues to act as the center and one of the most popular common touch-point tools in this digital era, smartphone applications are on the rise. As interactive technologies are being innovated every day from smartwatches to voice-driven systems, it has already penetrated the industry with different interaction modes e.g., touch, gestures, language, or type, expanding the digital customer experience.

According to Gartner (News - Alert), Inc., a global research and advisory firm, among businesses that have developed and deployed at least three different kinds of apps, like Hybrid apps, native apps, and web apps, the most popular of them are smartphone apps of 91 percent. 

"These figures are higher than any other application types we asked about, and suggest that the maturity of mobile app development is necessary for expansion into other interaction modalities," said Jason Wong’s 2019 press release statement, research vice president at Gartner. 


Mobile apps are the future, and it is seen to have the most impact on business success by 2020 and beyond. It is an in-demand technology amongst users that are continually changing the landscape the way businesses and the market operate in the most convenient way.

There's no doubt that for enterprises and businesses to catch up in this ever-evolving world, mobile app innovation and development is necessary for expansion, support, as it meets the in-the-now demand of the customers. Using the a QR code generator with logo online to generate your App Store QR code will be easier for you to market and encourage people to download your app in just a scan! 

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