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June 08, 2020

Women in Tech: Best Tech Jobs

Cutting-edge technology, revolutionary inventions, and creativity are what make the world go round. Technology firms follow new and innovative approaches to deliver these technological advancements. Women play a very crucial rule in technology invention.

Development in technology prospects applies to diversity and progress which is being made by women in equal workforce presence and pay, particularly in the tech industry. The latest figures show a decline in the number of women in the US labor population. In the technology field, it is even lower, more than 46.8% in the past decades. Just 32% of Apple (News - Alert)'s entire workforce consists of women. It is interesting to note that women make up 31% of Google’s workforce, while 27% for Microsoft.

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Tech jobs and Women

As more tech jobs develop, soon we will see more women in the tech industry. For example, data show that 627,000 unfulfilled tech positions had opened a wide door for women. While women account for 59% of the total workforce, only 30% of the workforce in major technology companies is averaged.

The 30% covers both technology and the non-tech workforce of women, such as marketing and HR. Women only occupy 17% of Google's technology workers, 15% on Facebook, and 10% on Twitter (News - Alert).

In the technological world, several professions seem to be tailored to women who want a well-paying job. Whether it is programming or security, the doors are open to women in certain emerging professions.

 Let us look at a few incredible tech jobs.

Graphic Designer

For women who wish to be employed in graphic design, visual designs are developed to translate ideas for consumers. You should expect to work closely with the marketing department to create content for the public. This involves creativity skills and much more.

Senior UX/UI Designer

For businesses, especially in the field of technology, the end-user experience is becoming increasingly important. Depending on the experience, consumers can opt to work with or compete with a specific company, making it important for businesses. These jobs have increased the value which automatically determines its pay. It is a very good option for women wanting to get into marketing and tech.

Computer Programmer

As a computer programmer, people should expect to learn more about programming languages to create software programs. This role involves the writing of code, testing systems, repair of bugs, and failures. You’ll also be responsible for ensuring that the software is running smoothly.

Information Security Analysts

The pay level may vary depending on the organization, but the median is about $95 thousand for information security analysts. People in this role have to build secure systems for their companies to deter daily hackers and massive cyber attacks. Computer security researchers are actively working to find code vulnerabilities in their organizations and strengthen them to avoid hacking disasters. Although this work can be extremely stressful, the pay is always equal to the tasks involved.

Database Administrator

It is the responsibility of database managers to ensure that the data of a company is always safely stored. Data is often structured and opened to those who need it for work. Anyone in this role will need to learn how to install, customize, update, protect, save, and retrieve data.

Applications Software Developer

Computer developers also have various roles in an organization that make their work, at most technology companies crucial. In 2017, CNN named mobile app developers as the top profession in the United States. It was focused on production, optimal pay, and satisfaction. This field is projected to increase by 19% in the next ten years.

Computer Systems Analyst

You can expect the annual pay of the Computer Systems Analyst starting at $70,000–$75,000. Computer system analysts are in charge of the investigation and design of solutions for the efficiency of an existing computer system of a company.


Within the world of technology, there are many possibilities for women, but women also face various challenges. In a recent survey, women in tech still found it difficult to access the industry, due to gender stereotypes (63%), a lack of female role models (42%), and a large gender pay gap (39%).

On the other hand, in the last five years, about 54% of women have seen a significant rise in the number of women in the industry. Around 67% say that females have a great role in the technology sector which has a positive effect on their company or business. Some 54% of women think it's nice to inspire other women to join the job and 53% think it's never a good job to move on with their career. 45% of the respondents said their job is their passion, but most importantly we can expect to see more women in the technology sectors in the future.

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