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May 29, 2020

Why a VPN is more important than ever before

VPN is a fantastic tool to protect your privacy because, in this era of hacking and data leakage, it will be risky to go online without security as anyone can access your data and even your location.

The unethical computer hackers break into computer systems to steal, change, or destroy information. However, don’t be scared. There is a solution to every problem, and VPN is the solution we’re going to discuss in this article. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network.

It is necessary to have a VPN in your PC that will keep all your data safe and maintain the confidentiality of your online activities. VPN technology has been developed to create a private scope of computer communication.

Why is the need for a VPN?

To those who are unfamiliar with this term, it may sound overwhelming and weird. People are generally confused with whether they should use it or not?

Of course, you should use it, especially while accessing public WiFi (News - Alert) hotspots, which are typically unprotected.

Without a VPN, your data can simply be taken and sold, or even you can be hacked easily.

Risk of constant monitoring

Monitoring has become standard on the internet. It is not always cybercriminals who monitor your activities, but also many government agencies do so, most notably in the name of “national defense.”

When you go online, your internet connection is assigned an IP address (a number) that corresponds to your system. Through this, third parties can see from where you are logging and also tap into other personal information. That’s why it is advisable to use VPN as it secures your network and saves you from surveillance by anonymizing your online activities.

Today, the primary concern is that many companies are trying to control what people access online. So, if you do not use a VPN, your entire VPN connection remains unencrypted. This will allow cybercriminals and advertisers to intercept your data and use it to pursue their motives.

How does a VPN work?

You need to connect your PC or smartphone to a VPN server. Your smartphone also needs the best VPN services, as it contains a lot of your info too. So, by using a VPN, you can browse websites anonymously.

Process of VPN operation

After connecting, it will become tough for anyone to spy on your web browsing activity. When you use a VPN, your IP address gets protected, and it will show a different location instead of the place from where you are accessing.

Suppose you are logging from India but used the VPN  server of the US then, that website which you access will think you are accessing from the US. Then, your web traffic will pass back and forth through that server. Isn’t it great?

VPN provides a secure encrypted tunnel to transmit the data between the remote user and the company network. The encrypted information cannot be read by anyone else because the system contains several elements to secure the network.

Demerits of VPN

VPNs are, no doubt, a valuable tool to secure the network, but they are not foolproof. It provides you privacy against passive surveillance but probably not against a hostile government.

  • The information that your VPN logs about your activity can be accessible to the government. Some VPN services can get banned because of anti VPN tools.
  • Using an unreliable VPN can put your privacy in danger.  Sometimes, VPNs have weak encryption that could expose your web browsing.
  • Besides this, you need to know that from time to time, VPN can have connection drops. So, make sure you should connect to that VPN, which is not overloaded.
  • Besides surveillance, a VPN also can’t do much about advertisements from tracking you online. To prevent online tracking by advertisement websites, you will need other browsers like Ghostery, HTTPS, etc.  

How to choose a VPN

This is, of course, a problem as there are so many services available today regarding VPN. It’s quite confusing to choose which ones are worth using?

VPN is a paid service. There are so many free options to secure your online network, but they are generally poor substitutes for paid VPN services. But the good news is VPN are not so expensive. You can easily afford them. Just keep some crucial points in your mind while shopping VPN regarding data protection, privacy, online freedom, and all.

  • First, check what kind of logging your VPN provides? Also, are they recording the IP addresses you use or the websites you visit? All VPNs do some type of logging but choose those who are minimalist. Also, think about how much privacy you expect from your VPN before choosing?
  • Second, go through the terms and conditions regarding the usage of your VPN. some companies allow torrents, some disallow, while some won’t stop floods but officially disallow them.

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