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May 29, 2020

Top 9 Inexpensive Ways to Burglar Proof your Home

Burglary is one of the oldest crimes in the world. So bad, it is still as prevalent today like it was in the earlier days. Theft is responsible for the loss of property worth billions every year. The prevalence is due to the laxity of most homeowners to install better security systems. They either believe it is quite expensive or doesn't care enough. 

Here are some of the most affordable ways to improve your home security;

1. Reinforce your Door and windows

A weak door or window is the most vulnerable area within the house. Burglars first try to break the door handles or kick it in to access the house. Reinforce your door by using longer screws to fasten the strike plates. Install additional doorjamb and other hardware on the strike plate for top security.

Regularly monitor and replace any weak or worn out door exteriors. Door barricade and window security bars also come in handy when burglar proofing your home.

2. Install smart locks

One of the ways through which most burglars access your home is the use of physical keys. Upgrade your house locks by doing away with the need for the keys. Installing smart locks allows you to use either biometrics like fingerprints or mobile devices when opening the lock. Eliminating key helps you avoid loss, reach by unauthorized people, or someone finding where you hide it to access your home.

3. Install monitoring alarm

Monitoring alarms is one of the affordable ways to burglar-proof your home. Once you install an alert, you don't have to worry about anyone getting to your home unnoticed. The alarm quickly detects any movement or breakage and notify you of the same. The effectiveness of the signals has seen an influx of the use of Dallas home security by most homeowners.

The other benefits that come with the alarm monitoring systems are the ease of installation. Most alarm companies also come with dedicated customer service to ensure uninterrupted operations.

4. Make it hard to hide around.

The ease of hiding within your premises can be all a burglar needs to attack. Ensure that all the areas within the home are well lit at all times. While necessary for your landscaping, the plants and shrubs around the house can also hide burglars. Work with a reputable landscaping company to help you trim and manage the plants for both curb appeal and eradicate hiding places.

Motion sensors are also great in making sure your place does not harbor burglars. The motion sensors detect any movement and brighten the lights. The brighter lights allow you to notice any foreign object in your compound.

5. Upgrade the mail security

Given the low mail security, it has emerged as one of the most vulnerable points in a home. Most burglars target the mail for personal information. They then use the information for identity theft. Consider using the CIA approved sealing tape for your envelopes. Also, request for alerts from shippers such that you know immediately an item is delivered.

Most commercial mailboxes tend to have surveillances. Install the same surveillance system in your mailbox to notice all the activities around it. Burglar tend to get scared immediately they see signs of surveillance.

6. Improve safe security

Most homeowners store valuables in a safe and burglars know this. Even with the importance, the homeowners never secure the safe properly. They leave it in the open with keys intact. Given the vulnerability, burglars make the safe the main target when they attack a home. Improve your home safety by making sure the safe is as far away from reach as possible. Most safe come with drills for fastening on the ground. Fasten it tightly at all times.

The other safe security improvement is to make the safe unnoticeable. Consider using pieces of art or pictures around the safe to disguise it.

7. Secure patio doors

Patio doors are a more accessible option to the house. Homeowners tend to place heavy-duty sticks, baseball bats, or broom handles to prevent the doors from opening. These reinforcements are quite inconvenient. They don’t look good and require constant moving whenever you are using the door. The best option to secure the patio door is to install a patio door lock.

The patio door locks are easy to install and operate. They come with bolts for fastening, thus assured security. They are also flexible in letting you open the door as you need. You can choose either a foot patio door lock or install it on the top of the door.

8. Take care of spare keys.

Of all the home burglary, the use of spare keys is one of the top aids. Most people are never careful about how they handle their spare keys. They would easily give the spare keys to anyone without vetting their trustworthiness. Others also store the spare keys in open spaces accessible by anyone.

Burglary, through the use of spare keys in most cases, comes as a double tragedy. Other than losing your valuables, the insurance will most probably fail to reimburse you on the grounds of negligence.

9. Be smart with social media.

While social media has grown in recent times as an essential tool for information and keeping in touch with friends, it comes with security concerns. Social media allows limitless information sharing, thus put you at risk if you are open to sharing your travel plans. Sharing your every plan enables a burglar to monitor the periods you are away from home to hit.  The burglar can also search for trips and vacations to know when you are away from home.

Keep your travel details away from social media as much as you can. If not, share them when you are already back home.

Bottom Line

Even though quite important, most people don't give home security the agency it deserves. Most homeowners are careless with their spare keys, mailboxes, and safes. Uses these tips to improve your home security and make it burglar-proof.

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