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May 26, 2020

How AI Will Revolutionize The Gaming Industry

It’s quite difficult to imagine a more popular technology than Artificial Intelligence, which is discussed all over the Internet. And it’s not surprising: from Amazon’s Alexa to Tesla’s self-driving cars, AI is changing our lives and making them simpler and more convenient.

This technological revolution is altering the industries rapidly and we can’t deny that soon it will firmly enter our everyday life. That is why today we decided to talk about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the gaming industry. What to expect? How players will benefit? You’ll find the answers below!

Smarter Games

Those, who have tried video games at least once, have already faced AI: this technology controls characters of the game and generates their behaviours to imitate humans. Nowadays, the main goal of Artificial Intelligence in video games is to collect and process information obtained from players and to adapt the environment to their needs and expectations.

Top-Notch Gambling

Online gambling can also benefit from AI implementation. Everything started when this technology was used by gambling sites to provide competitiveness and fairness of games. However, there is a huge number of other benefits that casino players may get from AI.

This technology studies your preferences and expectations and gives enough tools to get the maximum satisfaction of the gamer. Soon dealers and even managers will be replaced with robots, which don’t need days off and don’t have a human factor involved.

For now, you need to spend some time finding a reliable casino platform on the internet. Sure, you can get some help by checking thematic forums or reviewers. For example, Casino HEX offers a wide choice of legal and certified online gambling sites for customers all over the world, which were first tested by the team of experienced players. But very soon this process can be accelerated with the help of Artificial Intelligence!

More Adaptable Mobile Games

At the moment, over half of all gamers prefer playing on the go. And the percentage continues to grow, forcing desktop computers and laptops out of the market. The bigger processing power of such devices allows creating more immersive games for smartphones and tablets.

However, desktop games don’t need to worry (at least yet) because the absence of gaming console and the weaker filling doesn’t allow mobile platforms to run the latest games. But mobile game developers don’t give up and regularly implement new AI algorithms to make the titles smarter.

If you compare modern mobile games with their ancestors even 4 years ago, you’ll see how different they are! New libraries and algorithms are able to build much smarter mobile games, which don’t yield to their computer versions.

Authentic Environments

You may not know how video games are created but you surely notice how natural and realistic the environments become. And that is another AI merit. Thanks to its outstanding learning technology and adaptability, Artificial Intelligence will be able to respond to the actions that you take in the game.

The technology is already generating new environments, which fit perfectly well and foresee your expectations and desires. For example, modern video games no longer use scripted plots with a single sequence of events. Instead, the game reacts to the actions and decisions you make, so the plot may unfold in numerous directions and one can play the game over and over again not following the same scenario.

Better Visuals

Modern video games have outstanding graphics and you often forget where the reality ends and the virtual world begins. To create such environments, tens, or even hundreds of developers and artists have to work day and night. However, everything becomes much simpler with AI: the process is automated, which saves lots of money, time, and resources.

Just imagine: modern software can scan landscapes and whole cities, and then engage them with virtual worlds. You can travel your own city, fighting zombies and aliens!

What’s Next

Video games occupy one of the broadest niches on the market, so hundreds of companies struggle and compete to bring something new to the industry. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, the process is much faster: this technology can educate itself, adapt to various conditions, and develop the plot without anyone’s interference.

No doubt that AI will greatly influence the way video games to look like and the latest software will make them blend with reality, creating new worlds and environments. If you want to be aware of everything that’s happening in the industry and of the latest news, just follow our articles.

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