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May 19, 2020

Apps for Small Business

In recent times Mobile Applications play an essential role in managing a business. People are doing lots of their work efficiently through different apps. Business apps are becoming more powerful and extensive. Most important, they can help run a business smoothly. If you want to organize your idea, improve daily operations, manage travel expenses, then surely there are apps for that. The best business app ca make the life of a small business owner more comfortable, and it can increase productivity.

As managing a small business, you should stay organized, you can automate the tasks, streamline your process if you look after these things your business will be more productive. As running a small business, you should always ready. No matter if you are attending any conference or meeting, or on a job site or working from home, these apps will still help you out as they are the real problem solver and communicator. These small business apps will always keep you organized and improve efficiency.

Running a small business is like wearing lots of hats. If you want to organize and increase the productivity of your business, a good business app is what you want. We have mentioned below some of the apps which are free of cost. It will help you in managing different tasks, payment processing, project managing, marketing, customer management, and many more. All these apps work on both Android (News - Alert) and iOS.

King Billy Casino is also using a lot of apps to manage their business efficiently. You can also use these apps and take your business to the next level.

Top 5 Best Apps for Small Business

1. Scanner App:

It is a free app which is used in small business. It let you send documents and forms easily. It will photograph the document and convert it into JPEG and PDF. You can also take multiple pics and add them to the documents, and you can also add it as a signature. This app is only available for iOS devices.

2. Gusto:

Small business owners who run their business with a team, then this app is a real lifesaver for them. Gusto handles benefits, payrolls, and taxes such a powerful app. It reports new hire, onboard new employees to the government. It manages all the taxes at the federal, local, and state levels. It also deducts the worker compensation payments, and it will email the employees their pay stubs

3. Square:

It is a payment app that helps you to pay payments for small businesses like salons, retail shops, food trucks, and many more. All these can benefit from the square app. It let you swipe a credit card, and the app is free to download. It comes with a tiny reader that attaches to the phone or any other device so that you can process the payment fast and quickly. The app deducts 2.70 percent from the credit card during a transaction. If you have a store, then the square registration has a real point, which is for the sale system from the company.

4. Asana:

This app allows you to improve collaboration and communication, which no other app can perform. This app is a web-based and mobile app. You can view all the projects and tasks, and you can follow them progressively on the Asana board. You can also share notes, communicating without depending on email, and you can upload files. The Asana app can combine to the Google Drive and Dropbox (News - Alert) to attach files.

5. Fuze:

This is a videoconferencing app which hosts all online meetings from all operating system and devices which includes tablet and iPhone (News - Alert). It gives the best video, and the crisp voice/ the setup of the app is quite easy; you have to download, and it will be understandable easily.

6. Wave:

Wave is one of the best apps for accounting. It is specially designed for small businesses, contractors, and sole proprietors with the fewer employees. It helps you to track expenses and sales. Wave allow you to manage customer payments, manage invoices, and Employee payments.

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