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May 11, 2020

Online dating - The insane technology of the future is here already

It seems that love has finally met technology. Singles looking for love don’t ask their friends or family to hook them up with someone and they don’t hire matchmaking services anymore. Those seeking romance would rather create a profile on a dating site to find that someone special. People have started looking into digital courtship with the rise of smartphones. No matter what device you tote, always keep in mind that technology is yet another tool to use in your flirting evolution.

Technology continues to impact online dating. Millennials, in particular, rely on mobile apps to connect with potential partners and find their true match. Internet dating is the second most popular way of finding someone, which doesn’t come as a surprise. It’s more convenient. The COVID-19 outbreak has left many wondering what the future will look like for those seeking love. We’ll let you in on a little secret. The insane technology that everyone’s talking about is already here.

Smarter AI for dating apps

People love smartphones and they have transformed them into dating devices. Apps like Tinder transform the mobile phone into a personal matchmaker that helps you find the one, tailoring matches to actions rather than desires. It’s like having your own assistant. If you’re ready to mingle, give AI-powered dating apps a try. You don’t have to swipe countless profiles to find the love of your life. AI is smart, meaning that it’s better able to select matches.

If you enable this futuristic technology on your phone, it will take a look at how much time you spend in the app, when you swipe left or right, how long it takes you to respond to messages, etc. According to the experts at, matchmaking is rather an art than a science. While machines can help, it’s important to keep in mind that it might take some time to find the one. if anyone can help along the way, it’s definitely an AI bot.

Gene matchmaking

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? We bet you’d never thought about matchmaking for couples based on DNA compatibility. Well, if you’re comfortable with the idea of sending your saliva to the lab to work out your family history, you won’t hesitate to do it in the name of love. DNA-based dating apps are the latest fad. You swab and swipe for love. It’s that simple. Lab-made romances are just at the beginning. It’s believed that by 2025, they’ll be the norm.

Sharing and viewing videos

Old-fashioned video is enjoying a great deal of popularity in the world of Internet dating. Everything on the World Wide Web is moving towards video and dating makes no exception. People want to see their prospective partners on the screen, especially now that they’re longing for intimacy and closeness, which is denied to them by social distancing and self-isolation.

So, daters can get to know one another through short videos. It’s much like popping in a VHS tape. Soon, profile pictures will look like Boomerangs and those seeking love will be able to chat in real-time. For the time being, very few dating apps have video features and the ones that do aren’t VR-quality. Yes, but dating in virtual reality isn’t so far away.

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