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April 21, 2020

How Technology Has Enhanced the Gaming Industry

Gaming has been around for centuries and has evolved ever since from simple board games to monopoly, computer-based games, video games, and now online games. Some advances in the tech space have helped improve the gaming industry, which makes it more fun, exciting and thrilling for gamers all over the world. There are now more complex games built with recent technology features, such as the live roulette game, among others.

Below are some interesting ways technology has enhanced the gaming industry:

1. Graphics

The most obvious change in gaming history is the advanced graphics, as history shows a record of a variety of computer graphic techniques. The world moved past basic 8-bit graphics to more complex graphics to help gamers experience games in photo-realistic textures. This helps improve the experience of gamers and their interaction with the game. Today, high quality and realistic graphics are seen in the games and are more evident in video games.

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of the most recent technological advancements that has improved the experience of gaming, as it takes players into the game in real-time. Players use the VR headset to get a fully immersive gaming experience, as though they are inside the game. The VR devices used are enabled with interactive software and hardware and help boost attraction and retention among gaming players. The user experience for any game is improved when a VR device is used.

3. Facial Recognition

It’s been close to three decades since the Gaming-ID technology came into effect and it has been improved to capture, store and match surveillance images. The 3D face recognition technology is used to create your exact replica in the game, such that the avatar looks like you and it feels like you are inside the game. This technology can also adapt your emotions by scanning 78 different points on your face. This creates an improved user experience that most gamers enjoy, as they can easily make facial expressions that their chosen character in the game would reflect.

4. Voice Recognition

Instead of pressing buttons, you can now play games with your voice, which used to be a wish for many. Voice-controlled gaming is gradually becoming popular in the gaming industry, as you can easily turn your console on and off with a simple command. In addition, you can control gameplay with certain voice commands or a yell, depending on the rules of the game.

5. Mobile Gaming

Gaming used to be mainly on PCs but with constant technological advancement and the launch of smartphones, gaming has gone mobile. You can play different kinds of games on your smartphone and some of these phones already come with pre-installed games. These games can be played anywhere and at any time, so far your smartphone is with you. This has gotten more people interested in gaming, as it doesn’t require a luxury anymore to join in the fun.


The gaming industry has massively improved in recent years due to the constant advancement in the tech space. There is much more to expect, as technology keeps evolving.

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