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April 07, 2020

Top tips for changing career later in life

There are many reasons why someone may wish to change their career choice later in life. Perhaps your initial decision turned out not to be as you expected it. Perhaps other things in your life got in the way. Perhaps your financial situation determined the route you took. Whatever the reason behind your willingness to make a change, continue reading for our top tips to help you along the way.

Get some experience

Having an idea of precisely what you are letting yourself in for when changing career is essential. In fact, spending some time doing voluntary work or work experience could be a great route into your desired role. Not only will this way of doing things allow you a real insight into what is involved and the expectations, but it will also allow you to make links with people within the industry. You never know, it may even lead to a job offer or at least a reference backing up your suitability for a role.

Get some education

For some career changes, further education is imperative. Sometimes, that entails a training course as part of an induction period. Other times, a higher level of education is crucial before commencing your new career, a psychology and criminology degree, for example. Some roles will allow you to study alongside work, but this will add an extra element of pressure, so be sure that it will work with your current lifestyle and commitments.

In addition to things that you ought to have, undertaking extra courses, perhaps via distance-learning, can improve your application and thus employability. Showing a willingness to learn and do above and beyond expectations can stand you in good stead. Generic courses, such as leadership skills or conflict resolution, will always come in handy.

Get some enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is imperative when it comes to commencing a new role. If someone appears blasé about their job, they will quickly become known as someone who needs to buck up their ideas. If you are going to work in a customer-facing environment, approaching them with a less-than-enthusiastic attitude can be off-putting for them and result in complaints being made against you. You do not want to build a negative reputation. If you really want this huge change in your life, prove it by showing the world how committed and excited about it you are.

Get some encouragement

As with all significant changes in life, it is essential to have the support of your loved ones. If your family members and friends are less than encouraging, it could make this part of your life more challenging. We all know that any change of circumstances can be stressful but knowing that people have your back and are willing to step in and support you, in whatever way you need them to, is vital. If you have children, the chances are that you will need others to look after them on a more regular basis to allow you to undertake training, education or even fit in with new working hours. Furthermore, existing commitments such as caring for elderly relatives will need considering.

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