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February 20, 2020

How to Head into the New Year with Top-Notch Communications Within Your Business

Communication is a key part of any profitable business. Both internally and externally, your business can seriously benefit from effective communications to improve…

  • Performance
  • Customer service
  • The overall aesthetic of your company

It's not only a new year, but it's the start of a fresh decade, so if you’re heading into the 20s with a plan to step up your business operations, communications are the perfect place to start, here is how you can take your businesses communications to the next level and reach its full potential.

Why are communications important?

Communications are a crucial element to any businesses. Effective and quality communication internally and externally in your company can lead to both improved efficiency and productivity.

Business performance has been known to improve due to good communications, giving a competitive advantage. Internally, employees benefit from good communication as they can be more productive within the business, avoiding misunderstandings or missed opportunities.

Externally, customers satisfaction will be improved as their concerns or inquiries will be dealt with quickly and effectively, benefiting customers and saving employee time. This can be done by implementing VoIP phones into your business.

What is a VoIP phone?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a phone system which is becoming increasingly popular. The system differs from regular telephones as it uses internet connection to make calls, as opposed to traditional phone services. A commonly asked question is, what is the best voip provider? With so many being out there, it can be hard (but not impossible) to find the best one.

Calls can be made anytime, anywhere once connected to your internet connection. The technology converts your voice into a digital signal and allows calls to be made from a computer, VoIP phone or any other data device. But, this does not limit the calls they receive, they can receive and make calls to any regular telephone.

Why do you need a VoIP phone?

  • Long-Distance Communications

If your business works with overseas clients or has multiple offices around the world, then a VoIP phone would allow you to reduce your communication costs. Due to the system's use of the internet to conduct calls, as opposed to telephone lines, there are no added costs when calling long-distance.

Landline calls can be expensive when making a call with a fair distance between, but VoIP phones can limit those costs as they can make long-distance calls for free. Not only does the system allow these calls to be cheaper, but your phone bill, in general, will shrink after implementing VoIP phones as their contracts are a smaller monthly cost than the average business phone bill.

  • More Flexibility

One of the biggest reasons to implement these systems is because it allows employees to make and receive calls from anywhere with a relatively good internet connection and if you are unable to answer, the call will still be directed to others and voicemails can be emailed.

Employees are being provided with more and more freedom as to where they work and what times they work. These VoIP phones allow your employees to stay on top of their communications while working from home and being productive on their commutes.

  • Voice Quality

Communications are effective when the quality is good, if a call is weak, it is much less effective when conducting business. You don't want your business calls to suddenly drop in the middle of important calls, with VoIP phones, calls are clear with no delay, lag or sudden disconnecting.

Good bandwidth will lead to this quality of calls, as your phones will function through your internet connection.

  • Security

Personal information needs to be secure, especially in businesses, a VoIP phone allows your company to keep information secure through its ability to use standardized encryption protocol. These systems can fight against this information being accessed by encryption and identity management, as well as some providers performing security audits to ensure your businesses information is safe and secure.

  • Virtual Assistant

Another beneficial business tool that VoIP phones provide is a virtual assistant. This tool can recite a pre-recorded message or music for callers on hold and route calls to specific departments or employees. This feature improves customer experiences when contacting your business and gives a professional appearance to your business.

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