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February 17, 2020

Three Ways To Build a Brand Online and Offline

Branding is of utmost importance for a company. Good branding makes sure that potential customers know what to expect from your company and that regular customers keep choosing your brand because it’s familiar and trusted. Your brand is your reputation and you want customers to link your company with positive things, like good customer service and qualitative products. In this article, we dig deeper into branding and give three tips to build your brand, online and offline.


1. Choose an identity and stick to it

Customers are more and more invested in your values. They want to choose a company they feel connected to, that puts value in the same things. We recommend holding a few thorough brainstorm sessions, to ask yourself: “What does my company stand for? What do I want to be known for?”. Write out these values and stick to them. When you have your values, you can highlight them on your website and  your social media. But of course values need to be more than just pretty words. You have to prove them to your customers. Is your value fast, great customer service? Invest in that. Do you claim to be environmentally friendly? Skip the single-use plastics in your office. Nothing tanks a reputation faster than lies. 


2. Don’t forget traditional tricks

Anno 2020, a lot of branding goes on online. But that doesn’t mean the traditional ways don’t work. Take a look at the pens on your desk - chances are some are promotional pens, given to you by companies. If you think normal stationery is too boring, you can personalise tons of fun stuff, to give to (potential) customers, partners and employees. For instance, you can print something fun on bags (Dutch: tassen bedrukken) and shopping bags (Dutch: boodschappentassen bedrukken). When they don’t look like pure promo, but like a cool every day bag, it’s possible that people love using them. We recommend personalising bags with fun quotes or drawings and a tiny logo. Another product that always scores, are playing cards (Dutch: speelkaarten). When giving out fun branding gifts, don’t forget your employees. Give everyone a pair of branded flip flops (Dutch: slippers) before the summer holiday or you’ll be the coolest boss! In the office you can use branded tableware (Dutch: servies bedrukken), super handy for when someone visits the office.


3. Start networking

We know, many people consider ‘networking’ to be a kind of dirty word. And even though the connotation isn’t always great, it is a super handy way to build a brand. Everyone that works for a company is a face of that company, especially when you’re higher up. Use that! Link up on LinkedIn (News - Alert) with people in your sector and share important news of your company. Face-to-face networking events might be scary, but these are also great ways to talk about what your company does to potential clients. Don’t forget your business cards! 


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