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February 13, 2020

Top 2020 Salesforce Trends

With the rapid technology growth and rigid competition among businesses, many CEOs and key business stakeholders are constantly seeking to improve their relationships with customers. It’s not a coincidence: the more active customers and users of your product there are, the more prosperous your business is.

Today, it goes without saying that it’s a must to use a CRM to increase sales, drive new customers and take care of the retention rates.  When you say ‘CRM,’ the most common association is Salesforce, as this company is a leader in the CRM market. Let’s see the most popular trends and how your business can benefit from Salesforce in 2020.

Going Mobile. The trend of making mobile purchases, and enabling the software to support and make the user journey easier through simplified interface design, started several years ago. Salesforce keeps evolving in this direction and will continue to do so this year. Among the mobile Salesforce opportunities featured in 2020 is a mobile application that helps to manage the CRM instance on the go for all users in the system and developing mobile web-pages and applications with Salesforce SDK with minimal code involvement.

Artificial Intelligence. Taking its roots in the computer science sphere, AI started spreading to almost all the existing fields. CRM management is not an exception, meaning that sales departments of any business can benefit from it. Salesforce introduced Einstein AI quite some time ago, and while it is constantly evolving, right now with its help it is possible to enhance the work of existing products to get more from them. Sales Cloud allows to AI to identify the best opportunities and provide powerful insights via a sales analytics app and brings more accuracy to the forecasts. With its help, you can set automatic reminders to follow-up on potential leads, thus increasing the chances of successful deals.  A machine learning feature enables case classifications, so that using Service Cloud, customer support representatives can spend less time resolving generic cases as relevant knowledgebase articles and how-to instructions are provided. Experts predict that in 2020, implementing Einstein AI into Salesforce products will be among the most popular requests to Salesforce consulting companies and individuals.

Customization. Today, it is not enough to use a product from the box, as is. While customization was always used in Salesforce, more and more business industries are creating a demand for specific functionalities and tailoring the product according to specific needs, taking into account the variety of different tools required for a particular business to run, such as billing systems, risk management, project management features, and other industry-specific things and workflows. For sure, if you sell apparel, the processes and required functions will be different for the business that provides booking services, for instance. This year, the pace of business growth will be faster than ever before; thus, business owners need to think over the proper organization of their CRM. As with any software customization, you will need to seek professional advice to make sure that everything is set up according to your needs. Choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner will determine the success of your business. So, when making this choice, don’t forget to check the certifications and give preference to official Salesforce partners, as that will help you not only to be confident in receiving exactly what you have asked, but also will save you time and money.

Customer 360 platform. The tendency to build trusted relationships with customers is increasing year by year, as with the technology growth and possibility to leave honest service and product reviews, businesses are dependant on their existing customers. That is why support assistance divisions in all companies are interested in providing high-quality service to their clients. This year, the Salesforce Customer 360 feature will come in hand with the prosperity of your business. At the end of last year, Salesforce introduced Customer 360 Truth edition that allows integrating information about customers from all Salesforce applications in one place. By assigning a unique ID to a user, you will see all the history of previous interactions and profile details to know right away how to offer the best solutions for any issues and show the greatest level of customer care service.

Marketing Automation. This one needs to be mentioned separately, as this year we may spot the tendency of allocating the resources to strategic goals while at the same time improving routine tasks without human involvement. Marketing Sales Cloud will help to improve marketing campaigns by allowing you to send automated emails, segment customer data for a more personal experience providing targeted discounts, run A/B tests, and much more. That is why it will be on business owners’ and marketers’ radars this year.

As the most prominent figure on the CRM market, Salesforce innovations establish its trends in all the industries. That being said, we expect the improvement of the existing Salesforce features, as well as the new releases, to drive more prosperity to any business that uses it. Stay tuned for further updates in 2020.

Author: Arthur Koryaka

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