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February 03, 2020

TMCnet Professional Comprehensive Development Program Selling Technology to SMB and Enterprise Business

By Special Guest
Thomas B. Cross, CEO

 with Exclusive Pre-Conference Certification at IT/MSP Expo

This is an overview of the complete comprehensive Enterprise Sales UP Market UP Margin Acceleration program which is a 1-4 day program.  At IT/MSP Expo we will provide one day of this program for Sales Managers

However, here is the complete program:


Proven sales revenue acceleration program across thousands of B2B sales professionals that:

- Reduces sales cycle and increase ROI

- Increases competitive edge

- Reduces staff turmoil and turnover

- Produces higher margins

- Provides improved sales leadership

- Is designed for Small, Medium, Major, Channel and Enterprise Markets

- Addresses UC, Collaboration, IT, VAR, MSP, SD-WAN, Cloud, Security, IoT, other providers and channel partners


- Presents SMB, mid-market, enterprise B2B solutions selling scenarios.

  Thomas B. Cross (News - Alert)

- Understand what customers especially enterprise business customers are looking for and expect from a provider of integrated applications solutions and networking services.

- Understand what are the situations, success factors and solutions in making the sale and how you can make a difference in your prospective and ongoing customer relations.

- And, most importantly, maximize the confidence-to-close factor and the customer gain-retain ratio.

Course Outlines

- Session 1 - Top-10 Enterprise Sales Professional Personal Criteria  - MSP

- Session 2 - Top-10 Enterprise Opportunities for UC, Collaboration Cloud, SD-WAN, AI, SD-WAN, New Tech

- Session 3 - Top-20 Enterprise Customer Types

- Session 4 - Top-10 Topics for Enterprise Sales Meeting/Presentation 

- Session 5 - Top-10 Enterprise Proposal Guide

- Session 6 - Top-10 Enterprise Business Issues

- Session 7 - Top-10 Enterprise Technical Issues

- Session 8 - Top-10 Enterprise Network Management Issues

- Session 9 - QUEST - Questions, Understanding, Evaluating, Systems-Support and Teaching

- Session 10 - Customer Phases - Assessment, Analysis, Selection & Implementation

- Session 11 - Optional Role Play – Customer Case Studies – Mortgage, Newspaper & Manufacturing

- Session 12 – Sales Manager Development for First Time, Team Turn Around and Accelerate Growth

- Session 13 - Optional Certification Testing

- Session 14 – Ongoing “Personal Trainer” Coaching Service and App

All Sessions can be customized for audience level, delivery schedule, method (onsite/online) and content. 

Audience (News - Alert) - Advanced Sales Manager Certification

Courses are designed for all levels of experience.  However, the Sales Manager courses are designed specifically for First Time Manager, Team Reboot, Channel Partner (News - Alert) Sales Managers, Refresh/Update/Benchmark, Business Turn Around and Growth Accelerator Managers. This one-day class will:

  • Review proven leadership concepts to ”listen, learn, lead” and build a successful and long-lasting sales performance team.
  • Look inside one’s own sales skills then engage and expand with colleagues and company culture, sales process and inter-company collaboration and complex compensation challenges.


  • Delivered in one, two, three or four day sessions from professionals with the "highest scores ever" and “award-winning” evaluations and multi-decades of experience and a satisfaction guarantee of a win-win experience.   In addition, knowledge is delivered with a goal of a high knowledge gain-retain customer approach.  This course is ideally delivered live and onsite, however it can be delivered in short-class webinar format.
  • Sales leadership can select all Sessions or any Session “by the slice” option for delivery including keynote or sales meeting presentation format.

Personal Coaching and App

Personal and shadow (listening in) coaching is available and recommended not just for monitoring but facilitating consistent and improved performance for all sales staff.  Like with having a personal fitness trainer, we can provide an oncall, text or email sales coach to help answer questions for unique and challenging customer situations via website or your own app.

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Scheduling and Pricing

For scheduling and pricing, please contact or 303-594-1694 or TMC (News - Alert) sales.

If you want to know more this concept is presented exclusively in TMCnet Selling UP Market UP Margin Technology to SMB & Enterprise Certification at ITEXPO (News - Alert)/MSPEXPO.

Edited by Maurice Nagle
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