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January 28, 2020

Rising Popularity of Tablets among College Students

Technology is no more an external factor of our life but it has become part and part of our lifestyle. And the young generation is becoming more tech-savvy than ever with every single day.

But have you ever wondered why suddenly there’s a huge demand for tablets among the college students? In fact, according to a survey by Campus Technology, 52% of the college students on their tablets and this number is a major expansion from the previous year.

The reason for such avid popularity of tablet is its convenience. There are several other factors for the rising popularity of tablets among college students. Let’s check these out one by one.

1. Lightweight and Portable

Unlike PC, tablets are lightweight and extremely portable. You can easily carry these without much hassle. This is convenient for the college students since they have to carry workbooks to the class. Also, they are full of activity the entire day. That’s why they find it quite uncomfortable to carry a laptop and love to carry tablets instead.

2. User-friendly interface

Tablets are just like smartphones. So the features are user-friendly. You can easily install any app and access. This renders greater flexibility to the users since they don’t have to learn new functions.

3. Calling Facility

Most of the tablets nowadays come with a call facility. This is beneficial for the users since they can easily call others. And they don’t have to use a smartphone separately. Further tablets let you access all the messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger and others. So you can communicate with others without any hindrance. Such convenience adds to the huge demand for tablets.   

4. Cost-Effective

As technology is rapidly evolving, tablets are getting cheaper. Well, not cheap really but quite cost-effective. Further, the sovereign rule of large companies is coming to an end. Various new companies are coming up with more features at a cost-effective rate. This is increasing the demand for such tabs since the college students don’t always have a major source of income. Now that they can invest fewer bucks and get a whole new tab set, they are getting attracted to this.

5. Large screen

One of the main facilities of a tablet is that it gives you better visibility. It’s quite bigger than a smartphone so it’s ideal for reading books, playing games, and watching movies or sports. That’s why college students find it compact to use. Also, they don’t get much time to watch televisions and they don’t have to! Tablets give you easier access to watch every show without any problem.  

6. Cool trend

Gadgets have a special place in the college students’ minds. So they love to buy cool gadgets and flaunt in front of their friends. And the tablet is far more ahead of smartphone or laptop for several reasons. Firstly, it has a widescreen and gives a solvent vibe. It’s also fashionable to carry a tablet and swipe the screen. Since it’s not so small as a smartphone screen, it instantly draws the attention of the viewers.

7. Take notes

Gone are the days when you used to carry bulky class note copied for every single class. It was not only inconvenient but also old school. Now people feel comfortable to carry a single device and easily keep a track of all the classes. Here you can easily type or write with handwriting. Take a break from losing your copies and pens every now and then and save all the notes in the hard drive.

You can also record the class lectures if you feel tired or dizzy during the class. No more do you have to miss any class. You can listen to the recording anytime you want. How convenient is this!

8. Student-friendly apps

There are so many apps available in Google (News - Alert) Playstore and all of these are accessible on a tab. You can download and install the student-friendly apps like an alarm clock, class organizer, note taker, sticky notes, Microsoft (News - Alert) words, Microsoft Excel, entertainment and gaming apps, and so on. You can access Netflix and other OTT platforms directly from your tab. What more could you ask for!

9. Great Battery Life

Tablets have a potential battery inbuilt in them and these are more powerful than a laptop or smartphone. So you can rest assured that your tablet won’t be drained of the battery charge if you use it properly.

10. Camera quality

In the earlier days, tablets were not equipped with a high quality camera. These were mainly VGA quality. But nowadays, several brands are introducing tablets equipped with great camera quality. This is an attractive feature for the students. They can enjoy taking selfies or capture any picture or video with a few touches.

So, what are you waiting still for? Grab more knowhow on the best tablets for college students on ReviewsCon. Get yourself a tab and enjoy the features.

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