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January 20, 2020

Customized Mobile App: The Next Big Thing in Casino Tech

Technology is becoming an important limb of most of the industries today and is penetrating at a very high pace. This implies if industries want to progress today, they have no choice other than adopting the technology. Customers in almost every industry are looking at the usage of technology for a better experience. Following the same, tech is becoming crucial for the gaming and casino centers as well in numerous ways. Casinos are using technology in multiple ways but the next big thing for them is- customized mobile app. These apps are being used to reach and engage with their players in newer and innovative ways.

Let us understand better how customized mobile app can prove to be revolutionary for the casino industry:

  • Better Marketing: When we talk about marketing, geo-located marketing or promotion is going to be the next big thing for the casinos. Today, the choice of location is a key element while shaping the market strategy. Parallel to this, almost every modern smartphone has geolocation services. This could be seen as a good opportunity for the casino industry to tap on. While the geo-location services are used for navigation or social media check-ins, as a casino industrialist, your app’s geo-location feature can utilize it for better marketing. Geo or location-based marketing can be understood as the latest method of contextual marketing to your potential customers who are within a certain external boundary.

    Under location-based marketing, your app can send greetings, promotions, updates about the newest online casinos, ads, images, videos, and links to your customers who are in close proximity to your casino. Not only will this help you get new customers, this will also help with better relationships with the existing ones.

  • Personalized Customer Service: With the help of geo-location service, you can change the whole communication dynamic with your customers. By being able to track your customers, you can alert your hosts and other property personnel as you see your customer entering the property. You can greet or welcome them with personalized messages on their arrival. This is highly likely to provide you with an edge to retain your customers longer.

  • Hassle-free Cardless Interactions (News - Alert): Today, as we enter into the digital era, no one really wants to withdraw money from the ATMs and carry cash with them. Even for that matter, people are wanting to move away from debit or credit card-based interactions. Casino centers and hotels are often considered as one of the biggest hotspots for credit card theft. There is a constant fear of tech-savvy hackers who steal credit card information as guests log into unsecured Wi-Fi. To be on the edge, you must overcome their fear of any sort of theft. Build your app in a way which can facilitate cardless transactions and your players can play their favorite game without any fear of chips and cards being hacked and losing their money.

  • Quality Hotel Experience: Waiting in long queues has become passé. No one really wants to spend time waiting in queues and the places which make them do so, often come down the ladder of their favorite places. As a casino owner, you would certainly not want to do that, isn’t it? With the help of a mobile app, you can give your customers the benefit of mobile check-in which can save them from hassled queues. This will help casino hotels to improve their overall customer experience. Also, it has been found that the customers, especially the younger generation, are not very fond of calling up front desks every now and then to seek any sort of help as they find it very time-consuming. The option of interacting through messages on the app makes it much convenient to get their problems resolved. All this plays a key role in bringing your customers back to you.

If you really want to grow up the ladder of success, the technology is key which you need to tap on. Having a customized mobile app for your casino can give you an incremental growth scope.

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