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January 16, 2020

Tips on Google AdWords Certification

Google (News - Alert) Ad words, also known as Google Ads, is a digital form of advertising where the parties interested in advertising on the search engine bid on specific keywords for their clickable ads to appear first on Google. Google AdWords is not free, but the process of creating a campaign, searching for the keywords, and creating an account are all free. The bid range you set is what you pay to Google if your advertisement is clicked on.

You can choose to pay skilled hands to manage the Google AdWords, or you could train with the company and get the necessary skills and knowledge needed to get one started. Certifications are awarded for every test passed to acknowledge the trainees' achievements. The partner's program offered by Google is open to both individuals and a team.

It is crucial to know that there are different types of tests. All the exams that you have to take to be qualified as an AdWords expert are as follows;

  • Fundamental exam

This assessment covers the essential elements of AdWordsis, including managing and optimizing campaigns. The score must be 80% and above before the certificate is awarded. The time limit for this test is one hundred and twenty minutes; make sure you read through the notes availed on the site before taking the test for better results.

  • Search Advertising

The score must be at least eighty percent after the 120 minutes time limit elapses. This test measures one’s ability to place virtual ads that will attract the attention needed and earn clicks.

  • Display Advertising

This type of advertisement relies on banners or other forms of partners' medium using audio and visual elements placed on sites, social media pages, or apps. The score that must be attained is 80%, and the exam takes one hundred and twenty minutes.

  • Shopping Advertising

Ads that fall in this category are created using images of the product alongside all the crucial details, including price and store name. The click ad button is made available for those who would love to buy the product after interacting with it. This is a crucial strategy in AdWords, and a score of eighty percent must be attained in ninety minutes before the certificate is given.

  • Mobile Advertising

Mobile phones and other portable devices have advertisement provisions that are tailored for them. The test assesses one’s ability to use mobile devices and the various options they bring forth for effective advertising. Test time is ninety minutes, and the minimum score allowed for certification is eighty percent.

  • Video Advertising

Online display advertisements that include motion pictures fall in this category. The test takes one and a half hours, and the least score valid for a certificate to be awarded is eighty percent.

A certificate is awarded to the individual or team that took the test if they pass. If they do not, the exams can be redone after a week. It is crucial for one to read through the guides provided by Google, make notes, practice, and join forums with like-minded individuals to help them understand the dynamics of this sector better and to attain the eighty percent pass mark.

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