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January 07, 2020

5 HVAC Innovations Your Elite AC Repair Austin Technician Should Know About

Centralized home heating and cooling systems are one of the most successful innovations of the last century. Because of this technology, home and commercial spaces remain comfortable regardless of the outdoor climate. Nowadays, HVAC systems are not only sophisticated but also energy efficient.

New and innovative solutions to further improve existing heating and cooling technology are yet to be experienced by homeowners. The goal is not only to enhance the experience for customers but also guarantee that resources are maximized. Elite AC repair Austin technicians acknowledge the importance of bringing these latest HVAC technologies to the general public. Here is a closer look at what you can expect from HVAC systems in the coming years.

Smart homes

The internet of things has taken the world of technology by storm. And one of the most exciting applications is in creating smart homes. A fully-connected home means you can control lighting, heating, cooling, security, and entertainment using a single app on your phone or tablet. Imagine coming home to a house with the perfect indoor temperature because you can set the thermostat to turn on a few minutes before you arrive. Indeed, many providers of HVAC in Austin are already experimenting with these smart solutions.

Geothermal HVAC systems

Geothermal energy is not new but is often overlooked as a viable source of power for HVAC systems. However, this is about to change because many HVAC systems are looking to use renewable energy for these household appliances. A geothermal heat pump works by using heat from the ground to provide warmth for winter months while it suctions out indoor heat and transfers it outside during summer. If you are interested in a geothermal HVAC, you may consult with an expert AC provider like

Air conditioners activated by motion sensors

Another innovation that may improve energy efficiency is using motion sensors to activate a home AC system. It may sound simple, but using these sensors will ensure that the AC only turns on when someone is inside a particular room in the house. Although still experimental at this stage, leading manufacturers of AC systems may take notice and consider adopting this technology.

Zoning systems for indoor heating and cooling

In relation to activating AC units using sensors, another innovation that has a similar goal is using HVAC zoning. Zoning helps by allowing you to control the temperature in individual rooms, to reduce the overall expense of household heating and cooling. Instead of cooling or heating the entire house, you can choose to activate the HVAC system only in the occupied rooms.

Solutions in improving air quality

Apart from the sophisticated and top of the line AC units manufactured by leading brands like Trane, homeowners can also take advantage of the latest innovation in improving indoor air quality. Compact purifiers remove pathogens while using a humidifier to maintain optimum moisture levels for increased comfort. You can also ask expert Austin air conditioning repair technicians about adding a carbon monoxide monitor to ensure that indoor CO2 levels are monitored at all times. All these devices not only improve air quality but also keep your family safe and comfortable.

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