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December 30, 2019

Technological Advancements Making Scooters Safer

In the recent past, scooters have gained tremendously from technological advancements. These enhancements have not only made them more safe and sturdy on various attributes, but it has also added to the enjoyable experience of riding them. Scooters have slowly moved from its traditional designs and features to contemporary attributes such as an OE charging port, gearless models, superior braking systems and various other practical riding attributes.

With these enhancements, the current generation can Own a scooter not only for convenience but also enjoy a high appeal quotient and world-class safety mechanisms. Here are some technological advancements that have been brought about in scooters and mopeds to make them absolute winners in safety and security.

Front-Disc Brakes & Integrated Braking Systems

Haven’t we all been warned of never applying single-hand brakes on our scooters for the risk of facing a fall? Thanks to the technology of front-disc brakes, the braking system in scooters has recently become extremely safe. This mechanism involves the co-ordination of the braking application between the two wheels of the scooter. That way, it ensures safer braking even with a short braking distance.

Telescopic Suspension

Earlier, only motorcycles enjoyed telescopic suspensions. In the recent past, a score of scooters and mopeds have been offering this feature. It provides a longer suspension to scooters with superior shock -absorbing capabilities. This translates to better balance and safety on scooters. Especially in case of harsh weather and rough roads, the telescopic suspension is a welcome addition in scooters and mopeds. It is particularly useful in rainy climates when one cannot foresee the inundations on the roads.

Wider Tyres

Many manufacturers of mopeds are going down the road of introducing wider tyres for their models. While 12-inch tyres were earlier unheard of, now manufacturers are offering this in some of their models in a bid to increase road grip and safety. These wider tyres are certain to give a moped better grip even on sharp bends, sudden turns and slippery/wet roads that are quite common in the UK’s temperate climate.

Permeability Tests

All scooters and mopeds operating in the UK and Europe are required to go through periodic permeability tests. These tests ensure that there are no losses of fuel through the walls of the storage facility of the fuel in these vehicles. This increases greatly the safety aspects of the vehicle. Earlier, this test was administered only for motorbikes but not even scooters and mopeds have been included for the same.

Anti-Tampering Mechanisms

Scooters and mopeds usually come with a speed limit that corresponds to the ability of their engine or motor. As designated by country’s authorities, every 100cc, 50cc, 125cc scooter has pre-decided speed limits in-built in the scooters. Earlier, many owners would engage local mechanics to alter the readings and increase the speed capabilities of their scooter. This poses a risk not only for the rider but also for other vehicles on the road, as they do not anticipate that a scooter or a mooed can come towards them at a faster speed. This tampering has now been banned by almost all countries. Thus increasing overall road safety and vehicular safety for all scooters and mopeds.

Anti-Theft Systems

Modern scooters also offer anti-theft systems that safeguard scooters from being stolen. These systems range from including a theft alarm or an engine immobilizer that does not allow the scooter to come on unless the right transponder key has been inserted. It does not allow the scooter system to get hot-wired and thus blocks out any chance of scooter theft.

Boot Light

A boot light gives the owner of a scooter good visibility for the back portion of the vehicle. It also makes using the boot under the seat a lot easier. Using the torchlight of a phone for the rear of a scooter can be risky and also inconvenient. But, with the boot light manufacturers have made things very easy for scooter owners.

Equipping scooters and mopeds with modern safety technologies has increased its saleability and mass appeal among riders. These vehicles are no longer viewed as compromised versions of motorcycles but are now just as comprehensively built like them. They also enjoy just as many loyalists and fans and are indeed the driving forces of the growth in the two-wheeler industry globally.

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