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December 17, 2019

Why do people need VPN services?

We are living in the world, where inventions and technologies are changing our lives every single minute. In this race, those who are conscious about time-efficiency and outstanding results highly appreciate comfort, security, and confidentiality in these new promising technologies.

Several years VPN was a weird newcomer, but now it has become a necessary tool, and you see it at every turn when talking about the Internet.

In this article, we’ll have a precise look at all bonuses of a VPN. By the end of the post, you’ll know everything you need about virtual private networks.

VPN or virtual private network is a protected encrypted tunnel inside your regular Internet connection. VPN technologies provide privacy without using the TOR network, when connection hops through a wide range of distant servers, encrypting your data so that nobody could read it.

What does a VPN do? The first, it replaces your real IP with a substitute of any country you need and helps you omit any blocking of sites. The second, it encrypts the data, and neither Internet providers, nor system administrators can see your surfing history. In addition, hackers won’t be able to get your credit card details because of encryption.

The combination of the above two things makes you almost anonymous. VPN turned out to be immensely useful both in business and personal life, performing two main functions of a shield and a golden key, which can open many closed doors.


If you are a business owner, it is highly recommended to consider using a virtual private network. It will protect all your business processes and servers, and you’ll be able to monitor and control all the traffic inside the company easily. This technology is widely used for the corporate intranet, to unite all company’s affiliates, for digital telephony purposes, for video conference communications as well as.

Not only businesses can be conscious about security on the Internet. Ordinary users often suffer from stealing their logins and passwords, credit card and payment systems details, surfing history on public and unprotected Wi-Fi locations, for example, cafés or while traveling.

The crooks may know all about you - the sites you surf, purchases you make, profiles you check, online games you play, money transfers you make, and they can geo-track all your way home.

You may be using your PC, laptop, phone, or any other gadget, but remember - you are not protected without a VPN. Moreover, even Internet providers sell your personal information to any interested 3rd party.

For those who really care about online security and confidentiality, a VPN tunnel is a real shield. There are lots of free providers of virtual private networks, but your security is the last thing to save up money on. Free providers may also leak your personal data to businesses and flood you with ads making a profit this way.

Paid (News - Alert) VPNs are available for any country. If you live in Norway, for example, you can check a select the best VPN on


Have you ever heard of Network Neutrality? It’s a principle when Internet providers have to deal with all the data in the same way, without discrimination of users and their personal preferences. But It’s only the theory in most cases. In real life, ISPs create their own rules, settings, and restrictions and even block the sites. VPN is your universal key to omit all the limitations and fully enjoy the Internet as it should be - free with unlimited possibilities.

Providers are blocking a huge number of torrent sites. They even have dared to touch the Bitcoin-related sites and, forums. Again, with a VPN you can easily overcome all blocks and restrictions.

Why do blocked sites can be accessed via VPN? How does it work? When you are connecting to a blocked site, first you connect to the VPN server. That website sees that you came from a trusted server and lets you in. VPN server may be located in another country like the USA, China or Uganda. The site blocked in one country is freely available in another.

Your real IP address, given by the Internet Service Provider imposes a number of serious restrictions.

The sites you visit immediately identify your location and do not let you benefit from regional promotions or make purchases at the best prices. Frequent travelers know that hotel and airline prices often depend on the country of your origin. With VPN you may save up a huge sum.

Does your favorite site or service offer bonuses, discounts and privileges to certain countries? Skyscanner, Amazon, Adobe (News - Alert) and other giants practice price differentiation depending on the user's country.

The seller doesn’t want to accept your credit card, because it was issued in another country and the deal is may not be reliable enough? No problem. You can shop from anywhere in the world with ease and comfort.

Also, you’ll get full access to all the content, restricted on geographical principle and not available for you now. Netflix will no longer be able to block you.

A lot of problems can be solved when some social networks are banned in certain countries where severe totalitarian regimes do not allow free flow of information and open communication between users from different countries.

For big lovers of online games, YouTube (News - Alert) and other content resources, TV streaming and other services, there also is good news. VPN gives you a possibility to play and watch content at a high speed and to enjoy the process without disappointing breaks of connection. Have fun and sincere satisfaction watching BBC, National Geographic, CNN and lots of other programs in original.

Conclusion: VPN is a necessary and extremely useful tool in our everyday life, which solves its main task successfully - protection of your privacy and providing opportunities for users to benefit from using the Internet.

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