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December 13, 2019

5 Best Alternative Torrent Sites for 2020

Even in 2020, when streaming services are at its peak, torrenting still remains the most popular way of downloading movies and sharing files. Although torrents are considered illegal in some countries, few well-known and resilient sites like PirateBay are constantly facing shutdowns with subsequent reappearance. Even in this era, there is no doubt that this cornerstone of peer-to-peer technology has proven to be unprecedented for transferring files on the internet.

As many 'mainstream' giants like PirateBay, Kickass, or 1337x are still the number one choice for many users, there is a collection of other interesting torrent sites gaining popularity. These emerging torrent sites and search engines display signs that they are here to satisfy more demanding users looking for a bit more than just obtaining a file. I will leave it solely to your judgment as to how much this rank is important to you as a regular user.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the list of top 5 alternative torrent sites that you might like to try.

1. P2P Guru

          If you are looking for a quality user-experience with a really clean interface and without any intrusive ads - a combination that is hard to find when it comes to torrent sites, P2P Guru is here for you. Compared with regular torrent site standards, P2P Guru is easy and intuitive to use. It is a very useful site, especially for new torrent users. And, its native features like Quality Index makes the interaction with torrents much more pleasant and less complicated. Furthermore, its library is well organized and provides additional information, reviews, IMDB ratings and release updates for every movie or TV show.

P2P Guru is community-based and consistently incentivizes its users to take an active part and become co-creators of the site. There are many listed activities like adding missing links, files, episodes, writing user reviews, creating tutorials, or more. With tokenization, P2P Guru can easily reward any user for their activity. It also shares revenues from any advertisement or distributes regular dividends and airdrops. On this site, you can thus not only enjoy multimedia but also join the community and make a passive income.


          The google of torrents. If you need to find a torrent file but don't know where to go, this search engine will surely show you the right direction. Useful and straightforward, also provides a tracker list of stable trackers with good latency that is regularly updated or a chart with the most trendy torrent searches that can come handy if you just want to see what is currently trending. Besides, this meta search also lists other torrent sites, separates them into categories and gives you a nice overview of them.

3. Torlock

          When it comes to verified torrents exclusively and avoiding fake magnet links, Torlock is the place. Torlock makes real effort to exclude fake content from its selection. It even incentivizes the users to report any illicit file by rewarding them with money. It contains a good selection of movies, but the drawback of this site is that compared to other sites in this list, its user-interface and appearance are quite behind.

4. Bitport

          Bitport is not just a regular site but a client that helps you download torrents safely to the cloud and then play them online. Bitport uses cloud technology together with encryption, and given the fact that the client is also a browser, it also offers good mobile functionality. Bitport’s biggest advantage is that you don’t need a VPN to access the site, your anonymity is secured as your IP address is masked behind the Bitport client itself. You can decide if you want a free or paid premium plan; however, as a free user, you have a limit of 1 GB of encrypted storage and one torrent per day. Nonetheless, if you don't mind paying for their premium subscription, you will get an efficient and secure torrent service.

5. Monova

          And lastly, if you prefer to keep it simple, Monova offers a rather minimalistic interface. It also supports searching for a torrent by its hash string, which is not very usual. Although it looks really simple to use if compared to its listed competitors, Monova contains many intrusive and distracting advertisements. These ads could sometimes be really discouraging for the users, but if you can find your way around it, Monova can produce a really powerful torrent search results.

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