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December 13, 2019

7 Security Camera Innovations That Will Better our Future

When you think about security cameras, something like a blurry gas station camera may come to mind. For years, security cameras were only able to capture what was right in front of them, often in a hazy black and white. But thanks to the growing tech industry, security cameras have become so much more than that.

There have been many innovations in home security technology that you should consider installing in or around your home. DD Counter Measures and sites like it are trustworthy sources for information on security technology.

1) Night Vision

Night vision security cameras are able to see in the dark just as well as they do in the daylight. Any intruder or burglar is more likely to work at night thinking they can't be seen. With a camera that also has night vision features, you will be able to easily identify anyone skulking around your home at night.

2) Smart Phone (News - Alert) Integration

You don't need a security room full of monitors to view your camera feed anymore. Some cameras are able to connect directly to your smart phone. You can view the camera feed in high definition on your phone screen. You can even change the camera's direction and view multiple feeds on one screen.

3) Facial Recognition

This method has proven to be controversial however, it can be useful for the home environment. Facial recognition features will identify when family members return home, and can tell them apart from any intruders.

This feature is especially useful for children who may return home before their parents. This way, parents can know when their child has returned home safely from school.

4) 360 Degree View

Most cameras are able to survey 130 degrees of a room from the room's corner. Of course, this means each room you install it in will have a blind spot. You can combat this with a camera with 360 degree viewing.

5) Surveillance Services

Though this is not an innovation with the technology itself, companies offer 24/7 surveillance services to monitor your home for you. Using this method, your camera feed is stored in the cloud and surveyed by corporate employees. Though this costs more than simply viewing your feed yourself, it helps keep your home safer.

6) Solar Powered Cameras

Today, most cameras operate through an intricate system of cables. This can be expensive and time-consuming to set up. Luckily, there is a sustainable option in solar power.

Powering cameras with solar energy can allow hookups with wireless systems. This can make the option more accessible to small businesses and homes with outdated or inaccessible wiring.

7) High Definition

Blurry cameras are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today, you can view your camera feed in higher definition than ever before. Some cameras even boast a 1080p resolution rate.

This definition will allow you to identify suspicious figures. For those opposed to facial recognition technology, this can be a suitable replacement.

In Conclusion

Many strides in security technology have allowed cameras to become more reliable than ever before. Whether you're looking for a high quality camera, or one that runs on renewable energy, there is an option out there that will suit your needs.

Most burglars will enter the home through an unlocked front door. That's why it's important to lock every door at night, and place a camera at the front door. Back doors and rear windows are other places intruders are likely to check. Install security cameras today to ensure you and your family are safe anywhere in and around your house.

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