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December 12, 2019

What New Technologies Will You See in 2100?

It requires a determined leap of mind to imagine how life will be like after 100 years. According to predictions, you will be able to see a number of stunningly new technologies by 2100, which are listed below:

Orbital Solar Energy Farms

What are orbital solar energy farms? Well, they are considered the most appropriate energy solution for the future world, the brainchild of Peter Glaser. These are satellites than run on solar energy, which is equipped with solar energy capturing panels. They transmit the captured solar energy to earth in the form of microwaves. This is considered as the most appropriate solution for the environmental degradation caused by present-day energy production methods. This is no imagination; Japan has a project in place to establish such a farm that is expected to meet the energy needs of nearly half a million households.

Telepathic Communication

Yes, another surprising development that is capable of altering human life is mind-to-mind communication. This is no fiction; scientists have already demonstrated that brain signals can be transmitted from person to person to share thoughts. That means, in the future, we will be able to communicate with others without using language and use the devices in our control telekinetically. Well, that is not the end: instead of the present-day internet of computers, the future internet will consist of minds. Yes, technology will make it possible to create a network of interconnected minds functioning together. 

The Real Virtual Reality

Though virtual reality has become a reality, it still does not provide a complete sense of being taken away to a new world due to its inability to control all the senses with perfection. What the future is highly likely to experience is the development of virtual reality into a more invasive one with the ability to control our sensory inputs and make virtual reality entirely indistinguishable from reality. But how is that possible? It is possible if the technology is capable of inhibiting the transmission and reception of sensory signals in the brain and replaces the same with artificially induced sensory experiences. That means the person will be transported to an entirely new world and will remain totally controlled by the artificial sensory inputs.

The Virtual Reality Shopping

Yes, if the present century witnessed the replacement of real shops with internet-based shops, the future will see virtual reality-based virtual shops. Virtual reality will provide the same kind of shopping experience to you as if you are in a shopping mall, but in a more personalized way. With this technology, I can visit the library virtually and find the right materials and read them instantly if I need to write my essay.

Scientifically Created life

Genetic engineering is a fast-growing field of study that has already proved its ability to manipulate genes. With the ability to create genes, scientists will be able to develop various organisms that are capable of performing different activities. For example, it will be possible for science to develop a breed of bacteria that is capable of consuming the oil spill in sea, or a microorganism that eats all cancer cells inside a human body. Very interesting, isn’t it?

Controlling Weather Conditions

Science has already found ways to manipulate nature to some extent. For example, there are ways to create artificial rain and control lightning. Going a few steps ahead, science will come out with ways to create a totally programmable environment where it is possible to control hurricanes and even sunlight. A very interesting proposition is the use of millions of tiny balloons containing mirrors like a cloud in the sky. These computer-controlled balloons with mirrors will be capable of reflecting sunlight in various directions based on computer signals. With sunlight more at the disposal of humans, we will be able to control weather patterns across the world better.

 Molecular Assembly

Yes, this is probably the most intriguing of all. According to some eminent thinkers, in the future, there will be fabricators that are capable of manipulating atoms to create a particular product. In simple terms, with the availability of base materials like carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen, it will be possible to produce any kind of food.

But how these various developments will influence us? Nobody has an answer. The life we have today and the objects and facilities we take for granted in our everyday lives today were beyond the imagination of people two centuries ago, and the changes invaded our lives silently and smoothly. In all likelihood, the same process will continue: technology will continue reshaping our lives and redrawing our destiny.

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