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December 06, 2019

How mobile apps have changed bingo

Once upon a time, if you ever wanted to play bingo and other casino games, you’d need to head to physical location to get your fix. Technology has radically changed this, with the internet giving us access to countless websites that let us play all kinds of games including bingo, poker, lotto, roulette, slots and much more.

However, online technology hasn’t stopped there. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are now accounting for more than half of all online gambling and the reason is simple - mobile applications.

There is an app for almost everything and bingo is no exception, which has led to some interesting changes in recent years in the world of bingo.

More People Playing

It’s estimated that over 2 billion people in the world own a smartphone, most of which have internet access. This means that bingo is now available to more people than ever before, leading to a higher number of players around the world, often in countries where bingo isn’t commonplace.

Not only that, people that would not normally play bingo in a physical location may find themselves more likely to play a few games online. There’s no need to leave home, you can play in bed, chat with other players online, and can win just as much money playing online.

Plus, with countless bingo apps available, there is more choices for players, increasing the chances of first-time players trying their hand at a bingo app.

Younger Players

Millennial’s make up the largest percentage of smartphone users, leading to a newer generation discovering the fun of bingo. Without a mobile app, many young players would never try bingo in the first place, with the technology giving people the chance to play a game that they may have never tried otherwise.

Furthermore, millennials use more apps than any other demographic, making them the most likely to download bingo apps. As a result, more younger players than every are trying their luck at bingo, mainly thanks to easy access to various bingo apps.

New Incentives

With so many bingo apps vying for your attention, companies are doing their best to make themselves more appealing to players. Most use some type of incentive to lure in new and returning players, with things like bingo sign up bonuses, free bingo games, and massive jackpots all used to try and get you to start playing.

This is certainly a welcome change for bingo players! Many of these deals weren’t offered at a bingo hall, so the rise in mobile apps has helped provide players with better bonuses and all sorts of cool freebies when playing bingo on an app.  

A New Digital Experience

Playing bingo tables is good fun and a great way to socialise, yet it’s hard to deny that bingo apps have improved the player experience.

Chat rooms and mess ageing features let you talk with fellow players, so there is still plenty of socialising available, while there are all types of new things included with your average game of mobile bingo.

For instance, there is music and other sound effects that offer an entire new experience compared to playing at a table, while high resolution screens offer vibrant visuals, cool themes, and an all-round exciting experience from your mobile phone.

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