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December 05, 2019

Gambling online - Technologies that will shape the industry in 2019

It is no longer news that the online gambling industry has witnessed various innovations. However, these innovations were made possible because of the numerous technological advancements.

A middle-aged bettor will appreciate the improvements that technology has added to the gaming industry. A few years ago betting online was not lucrative.

What about now? Online gambling is booming!

Is the situation the same in Sweden? Yes, it is. But how long will it remain the same? For a clue of the achievements that have made so far in the Sweden online gambling industry, Casino Sverige lists all of them here.

Let’s take a look at the technologies that will shape the industry this year.

Improved Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies

These two technologies have overwhelmed the gaming community. The AR goggles are manufactured to improve your gaming experience to the next level. Meanwhile, the VR will take you to an entirely new world of gaming. The VR casinos make your virtual experience some to reality. Players can enjoy a 360-degree experience and also communicate with other gamers while playing.

Interestingly, findings have shown that designers and developers are not resting. Should we be expecting any more tech advancements? Yes, because developers are not resting on their owls.

An Enhanced mobile gaming experience

Research has shown that they are about 4 billion people that own smartphones globally. At least 5 percent of this population is hooked to one online casino or the other. Top software developers are aware of this recent development. No wonder they are aggressively improving their gaming experience. All these are aimed at attracting new customers to get hooked to a casino online.

Interestingly most of the top online casinos are developing mobile apps. These apps make it easy and faster to access their games. Apart from being easy to use, you will also find all their games, bonuses and promotions on these apps too. In other words, you will get the same gaming experience playing with their mobile apps as their website.

Based on these antecedents, it is expected that in 2019, the mobile gaming experience will supersede its initial achievements.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain is probably one of the most talked-about technological enhancements on the internet. What does it have to offer to the gambling world? A lot!

In case you are not aware, so many casino websites have embraced the use of some cryptocurrencies on their websites. You can now transfer and withdraw your winnings via cryptocurrency. If it has gotten to this level already, what’s next?

If you are looking for a casino or sports betting site that accepts cryptocurrencies, just Google (News - Alert) it. You will be surprised by the result you will get. To also forestall security and safety, most of these websites offer complete anonymity and fast transactions too. While some may argue that it is full of inconsistency, the blockchain technology has come to stay.

Predictive analytics

Although they are various tools that perform this function presently, in 2019 we are hoping to see more. Casinos will be able to compile data about their player’s behavior. It will help them know which promotion and bonuses that will likely suit a player.

Also, tools that will help players to win at the casinos will surface too. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and watch what 2019 has to offer.

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