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November 29, 2019

The Amazing Advances in Automobile Technology

Technology has come a long way. The man was faced with a challenge on his arrival in the world. A challenge to evolve and rule over the world as the glory of God or deny change and live in the stone age until his eventual extinction. We did not keep up with the times, but it was us that created the time to be kept up with.

From the discovery of the wheel, man has kept moving forward. The first practical automobile was a three-wheeled motor car known as ‘Motorwagen’ created by Karl Benz in 1886. Till the point of Motowagen to Model S by Tesla motors, it won’t be incorrect to state that automobiles have come a long way from the way they were, because of the constant discovery of functions; more beneficial for the driver and the passengers.

With the vast majority of the world having access to cars, it was crucial to give every car an identity of its own, that is why chassis numbers and license plates were introduced, that gave us an edge when buying a car to know where that car had been used and what modifications have been made inside it. REV checking is nothing new for experts, but for laymen, it can be a difficult task; this is where the internet steps in. You can get Free Revs check online without any difficulty.

The most notable advance in the automobile technology which still hasn’t been implemented all over the world is the use of 100% electricity in the operation of the car. The jump from fossil fuel burning to charge your electrically operated car has been a gradual one. It began with the introduction of hybrid cars in the market that run on 50% fuel and 50% by a large high capacity Lithium-Ion battery that required maintenance after every so and so Kilometers of driving.

This was a progressive development, but it was harmful to the environment as the battery wasn’t durable and the mining of Lithium to make Hybrid Automobile batteries did more harm than good to the environment. Nevertheless, the introduction of Hybrid Vehicles is what helped us in creating complete-electric cars that are changing the world forever.

Sitting in a car from 1900s to sitting in a car in 2019, you can feel a ton of advances made in terms of comfort, smoother driving, safety and better mileage; all of this, thanks to technology and the engineers that work day in and day out to give us the best product on the market. With the increase in the number of drivers, the number of accidents was also directly proportional. This is why the main concern after the 2000s was safety.

Thousands of kilograms of metal bodies riding up to speeds of 200+ Kilometers can convert man to nothing in nanoseconds in case of an accident. This is why it was crucial to improving safety measures as the performance was being upgraded too.

Thanks to technological advancements, we can travel thousands of miles in a very short span of time in the safety of our carefully engineered cars; safe, sound, and economical!

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles