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November 20, 2019

The Best Tech Tools for Small Business Owners in 2019

Technology is a very powerful aid for a small business. With the help of various software and applications you can do the job of multiple persons with only a few clicks, saving your start up time and money. There are amazing tools which do the jobs of bookkeeper, invoice generator, money manager, data storage, file organizer and so on. Simplify your business processes and increase efficiency with the help of the top tech business tools of the year.

Evernote (News - Alert)

Evernote is one of the best apps to help you take down your notes on the go and save them for later. Sync it with your account and you can access your important business notes, to do lists, business and plans and more across all your devices quickly, irrespective of wherever you are. This helps you keep all your important scribbles in place till you can get to them later.

Dropbox (News - Alert)

Dropbox is one of the most powerful cloud storage systems which you can use to store, access and retrieve all your business documents as and when needed. It is particularly useful if you have multiple people working in your company, as you can share, work and collaborate on a work, together without even being in a proximal space.


Asana is an efficient project management tool which helps you keep a track of all your active projects, assign tasks, share files, collaborate with various team members, monitor progress so that you can always stay on top of your projects. This is useful in managing multiple employees and ensuring transparency and reducing the chances of errors. 


Email marketing is an effective way to reach out and promote your business and MailChimp can help you simplify, manage and organize your email marketing efficiently. It offers you statistic and analytics of your campaigns, so that you can identify your strengths, chances of success and plan future campaigns according to their reports.


Social media is an essential part of our lives and most businesses use various social media platforms to gain more visibility, reach out to a larger clientele and grow. Hootsuite is one of the most trusted social media management and scheduling platforms which can help you manage all your social media portals and accounts from one unified tool. It is used extensively by top social media influencers.

Invoice Simple

If you cannot afford to hire an accountant, Invoice Simple is here to your rescue. It helps you keep a track of your income, expenses and overall accounts for your business. With customizable templates and interactive dashboard, you can record and keep a track of all your data pertaining to accounts of employees, customers, vendors, products, manufacturers and services. This keeps all your finances in one place for easy access and tax calculation.

With the help of these efficient business tools, you can now successfully manage various aspects of your business efficiently. It helps you cut down the need for multiple employees and reduces risks of errors.

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