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November 19, 2019

What You Should Know About Solar Lighting Technology

The idea of using renewable sources of energy has been widely accepted by the world today. As people are leaning to the idea of going green, the usage of solar power has been preferred by most people today.

You can find various solar lighting systems in commercial establishments and residential homes today. If you are considering to use solar lights as well, the best way to go is to get to know your products first.

How Does Solar Lighting Work?

Solar lighting systems apply a simple principle to make them work. Through the photovoltaic effect, the solar energy collected from the sunlight is converted into lighting.

After the collection of energy, solar power is stored inside a rechargeable gel cell battery. The reserved power is then used in the evening as sunlight is not available to convert electricity to light.

An intelligent controller is used to turn the light on, which illuminates the LED light produced by the stored solar energy. Solar lights have panels that are composed of layers of crystalline silicon. The panels also have chemicals that make layers of positively charged spaces and negatively charged electrons. When sunlight passes through the solar cell, it activates negatively charged electrons and presses them into the spaces.

Solar lighting systems are primarily designed to bring light outdoors, especially during nighttime. Solar lighting technology is used in street lights, and other light fixtures, such as those found in your porch or garden.

What Are Some of the Solar Lighting Solutions?

Aside from photovoltaic lighting, other solar lighting solutions serve the same functions:

             ? Solar Sky Lights

Solar skylights interact with the sun and clouds, which brightens indoor lighting. This great technology helps you save energy spent its lighting as it quickly senses if sunlight is available or not. Solar skylights supply the right amount of indoor lighting when deemed necessary.

Solar skylights are usually placed on rooftops. Compared to solar panels, solar skylights are smaller and easier to maintain.

             ? Hybrid Solar Lights

Hybrid solar lighting systems are considered one of the newest lighting technology in the market. Although hybrid systems are more complex, they are also considered highly functional.

What Are the Advantages of Solar Lighting?

The truth is, the only disadvantage when choosing to shift to solar energy is that the panels and the light fixtures can be very expensive. However, despite this, the advantages of using solar energy are a lot more than what you can imagine:

1.Solar lighting is good for the environment.

When you install a solar lighting system, you are playing a role in the reduction of carbon footprint. This carbon footprint has been produced with the usage of non-renewable energy sources. If you want to decrease environmental problems, you must choose to acquire solar power or other forms of renewable energy.

2.Solar lighting comes from an unlimited source.

Solar lighting systems use sunlight for power. And you will never run out of solar energy. As long as the place where you are at has some sunlight, you can acquire solar energy to get the light you need.

Solar energy can be harnessed in all places around the globe. This type of energy is also available almost every day. You will not run off of solar energy, compared to nonrenewable sources of energy. As long as the sun is up, you can get access to solar power.

3.Solar lighting systems have a wide array of styles to choose from.

As the concept of solar lighting emerged, various styles and types have been introduced in the market. Aside from their functionality, solar lights are now visually and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. You certainly will find something that suits your needs.

4.The value of solar lights is worth the price you pay.

Even if installing solar panels may incur a lot of costs, using solar energy is a cost-effective move. If you do the right math and check the expenses you made, you would figure out that you can save more than what you think when using solar energy.

5.Solar lights only require very little maintenance.

Solar lighting systems do not need much attention, as they only need little maintenance at all. Aside from cleaning some components and having a few checks, you don’t need to do much. Solar lights are durable and last for a long time.


Solar lighting systems are a great solution to problems involving the environment and the desire to stay sustainable. With solar energy, you get access to a renewable source of energy that reduces your electricity bills.

Solar lighting systems are highly functional as they can be used for different purposes. Solar lights also have various styles and types. There are LED fixtures or all in one solar street light that you can easily see in the market today.

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