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November 19, 2019

Future Technologies in Smartphones

If you ask ten people, perhaps seven of them will tell you that their first mobile phone was a Nokia (News - Alert) 3310 (that’s if they’re millennials, of course). You could not have avoided being fascinated by changing the ringtone feature. You could also customize the screen pattern. At the time, it was really impressive. 

Let’s not talk about all the hours spent trying to beat the high scores at Snake and Tetris. Those were certainly exciting times!

However, since then, technology has come a very long way. If you look back to those times, current smartphones are comparable to a miracle. High-tech specifications, impressive cameras, large touchscreen displays, and even 3D facial recognition and biometrics

Even accessing the internet on one of those old phones could have been a nightmare. Getting the settings right was complicated, and you could not even dream of just touching an icon and getting instant access to Youtube, Facebook (News - Alert) or any other website/social media platform (many of these did not even exist back then).

Back in those days, most of us would have never thought that phones would be used for something other than making and receiving calls. But we were wrong, weren't we? Today, we use our phones to listen to music, send emails, play games, chat, browse the internet, search for addresses, and so much more. 

Some people run large businesses and handle daily errands mostly through their smartphones, and this saves them a lot of time while also allowing them to be much more flexible.

Surely, no one could have anticipated the impact that phones would have on our lives. If you come to think about how things evolved, you cannot help but wonder about the future. What new technologies will we be using in 10, or 30 years from now? We can almost summon images from Sci-Fi movies such as Star Trek and dream about hologram-chat.

Phones that can stretch

We already know that this is already in the making. Flexible displays will be the next thing in smartphone technology. Starting with the Huawei Mate X, Samsung (News - Alert) Galaxy Fold, or Royale FlexPai, it is like we've already seen the trailer. 

As technology evolves, it is not impossible to be able to stretch and decrease or increase the size of your smartphone display based on your needs. For example, you could stretch your phone to watch a video or a movie, or you could decrease your device's size when you are traveling or when you go to the club and only have a small purse. 

We are still a long way from this, but work has begun in this direction.

Over-the-air charge

Let's be honest: the battery life of most smartphones sucks. Even a massive 4,200 mAh battery does not last more than two days. To charge it, you can either plug your phone using the traditional charger or use a wireless charging pad. 

Researchers will surely come up with something in the future. For example, you might be able to charge your phone over-the-air from a distance, using powerful transmitters. Just like cell towers, these transmitters can be placed anywhere. 

That would mean that your device would never get discharged. Steps have already been taken in this direction. The WattUp Mid Field transmitter allows you to charge your phone from a three-foot distance.

Mind control

In the first period of mobile phones, we used to control them using the physical keypad. Today, the traditional keypads have been replaced with touchscreens. More recently, services such as Siri, Google (News - Alert) Assistant, and Bixby from Samsung enable us to interact with our smartphone using our voice. 

From this perspective, what can be next? Perhaps, mind control will be the next stage. Such a technology would enable us to perform tasks we now use the touchscreen or voice for, with the power of our minds. 

Just by thinking about it, you could take a picture, edit it, play music, order the best modular helmet online, or anything else your phone has to offer. Of course, we are years away from developing anything like this, but scientists and researchers are already making progress in this direction. 

Changing colors

Smartphones already come in a wide range of colors and selecting the one that looks best can often be hard. Black, white, silver, gold, blue, pink, red, purple, you name it, there are tons of colors and nuances to choose from. However, with the development of technology, you might not have to choose anymore. Imagine a phone that can change color whenever you want. 

You are bored with your dull black phone? Simply change it to red by selecting an option on your device. Such a unit would probably have multiple LED lights inside to be able to generate the color of your choice. Imagine choosing orange and the entire back cover would absorb the color of the light, looking exactly the same, just like it was painted on. 

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