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October 21, 2019

Keep Safe In Your Car With These Gadgets

Your car safety is a crucial matter to be taken seriously. No matter how experienced you are or the number of years you have been driving, accidents do happen. Definitely, our cars today are safer than older ones; they include popping airbags keeping passengers safe, different breaks adjusted to wheels, ABS (News - Alert) and EBD, and the vehicle itself, its design and material are maintaining secure passengers, or with least injuries in case of outsized accidents.

Yet, there are still matters that have not been resolved by car manufacturers until today, and that is where car safety gadgets come in. Designing and producing gadgets--based on new technology evolving every day--has never been such a life-saver and easier than today.

Here is a list of safe car gadgets you need to consider buying for your car today:

Dash camera

They are cameras fixed on your car dashboard that are specially made for companies, taxi drivers, airport limousines, and car rentals. A fleet dash cam is designed to record what is happening on the road and instantly uploads it to online clouds. It benefits you and your fleet by getting you prepared for any accident blackspot on the road, and with the video recording, it can resolve many accidents and their aftermath.

Portable car jumper

You, as a car owner, know exactly how depressing it is to find that your car battery is dead. In case you have your car jumper ready, you will need a kind driver to stop and use his car battery to jump-start yours. Because this scenario is hard to come by each time, techs came up with the idea of a portable car jumper, where you wouldn’t need another car to jump-start yours, and it works like a battery.

Heads-up display

It was first designed for military fighter jets; however, some car manufacturers are adding it to their cars for its importance nowadays. Heads-Up Display (HUD) does fall between a cool tech feature and a safety feature, but if you try it, you will understand why it is important.

It helps drivers face forward and keeps them away from distraction by displaying all that they need from car errors, speed, navigation directions, and some gadgets will provide caller ID too. All essential information is displayed through the driver’s line of sight.

Some HUD gadgets will project information on their own separate screen, while others will project straight in the windshield. Either way, it will keep you focused on the road without missing a thing.


You know that part in a movie when a car hits something on the road and flies off-road to a lake nearby, and only the hero can open the door or break the windows. Well, if you have a life hammer, then you can become the hero, and save your life and other passengers by quickly escaping the car in case of emergencies.

It’s one of the great survivor tools you should keep in your car. It has two functions as well; one of them is that its side is made up of a stainless hammer used to smash your car windows. The other side has a razor blade to cut off seat belts. LifeHammer comes with a plastic case, and you can easily mount in your car for easy access in case of emergency. It is a cheap and available product.

Most new gadgets are designed based on consumer experience; thus, you can notice that they always tackle the little things the drivers really need for safety but are still missing in cars. Every year there are more gadget types and updates coming in the market, keep yourself updated, read reviews, and consider adding a gadget that will make your driving experience easier and safer.


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