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September 12, 2019

The oddest place you will find logistics

From a bamboo train in Cambodia to a sled pulled by reindeers in Finland, some very unusual logistics systems are in place. People often forget how developing nations, and countries that are forced to deal with extreme climate conditions, need their regular logistical needs met. In this article, we will explore some of the oddest logistics system in the world, in ways that most of us can’t even imagine.

Floating Reeds

In Peru, on the stunning Lake of Titicaca, you will discover boats made out of a specially dried reed known as Totora. These Totora boats are made by indigenous peoples known as the Uro and are used to haul fish and other goods across the lake for locals to consume. Amazingly, even the islands some of the locals live on are also made from these reeds. This way of life is ancient and yet logistics is still clearly at play. Without these modes of transport in place these indigenous peoples wouldn’t have access to the supplies they need on a daily basis.

Reindeer Runs

Reindeer pulled sleds are one of the oldest types of transport systems in the north of Finland, and are a key part of the local Sami culture. Incredibly it can take between two and three years for a reindeer to be trained to pull a sled. In earlier days many of the local people relied on this type of transport for their everyday needs, some families still do, however majority of people now living in the area use specially designed snow vehicles to navigate the icy terrain.  A lot of tourists still enjoy the sled rides, as tourism provides locals with a good source of income.

Bamboo Delights

Sitting on a specially designed bamboo platform, run by an electric generator engine, moving through the Cambodian countryside, is a great experience for tourists but also helps locals with the transport of basic supplies. In Cambodia, this bamboo train is known as ‘Nori’, which is derived from the French word ‘lorry.’ This train moves at roughly 40 km/h and helps the locals with all of their supply chain needs. To some this bamboo platform may seem basic; to others it’s a useful, cost effective way of making money and supporting the local community.

In many developed nations the idea of reindeer’s delivering dinner or waiting on some clothing to arrive via reed boat, wouldn’t be a consideration. Nowadays, many of us rely on cloud-based transport management systems, and even robotics, to support all of our needs. It is hard for most people to envisage more basic systems of transport and logistics delivering their goods. In fact, many of us, in the ‘modern world’, are accustomed to instant gratification, having our needs met without difficultly or restraint. For example, companies like Ubereats deliver takeaway at the simple click of a button. It’s amazing to think that some places in the world don’t have those kinds of luxuries, and yet, are still doing their level best to support themselves and their communities. The world certainly is a fascinating place with many and varying forms of logistics systems running to keep everyone satisfied.

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