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August 16, 2019

AI Pioneer Evisort Launches Career Site

Evisort is a trailblazing firm specializing in the development of AI in the legal field. Recently, the company launched a new site dedicated to hiring new talent,

The site is comprehensive for a career site. It offers an abundance of information about the startup while allowing you to submit applications, read about company benefits, and get a feel for their corporate culture. Jerry Ting, CEO of Evisort, speaks of a positive work environment. The culture and benefits are excellent, as long as you work hard.

Evisort and their product itself share the same name. Created with the court system in mind, Evisort’ Co-founders derived the company name from the words evidence and sort. In it’s early development, the creators dropped their original idea to sort court evidence and decided to think bigger. Instead, they came up with the idea to automate the traditionally manual job of contract management and incorporate the latest in artificial intelligence technology.

The company started in 2016. Before having a dedicated office space, the three founders worked out of the Harvard Innovation Labs, developing their original Evisort algorithms. Since then, the company has grown exponentially. Co-founders Jerry Ting, Amine Anoun and Jake Sussman received recognition for this growth by landing themselves on the Forbes 30 under 30.

Within three years, Evisort has established offices in Boston and California. Recently, the company opened its official headquarters in San Mateo. With more office space, updates to the original website and an entirely new career site – evidence shows that Evisort is on a trajectory for growth.

Evisort has partnered with several venture capital firms. Notably, Village Global supported Evisort with $4.5 million in seed funding. Village Global investors include many household names: Mark Zuckerberg, Bob Iger, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates (News - Alert). It is a testament to Evisort’s algorithm and business model that they have managed to attract some of the world’s most influential tech executives.

Nearly every industry operates under the auspices of legal contracts. Therefore, Evisort not only benefits from the tech industry’s shift to artificial intelligence and automation but also from the product’s versatility. In hindsight, Evisort would not have expanded so quickly if the company chose to stay within the confines of court evidence. While court evidence remains prevalent, there’s a plethora of contracts and documentation underlying any given industry’s operations. 

In the main subheading of its new career website, Evisort authors wrote “we’re hiring quickly to scale. Will you join us?” Since they are looking to continue growing, it’s reasonable to assume that the company’s decision to go with an automated contract system rather than a straight evidence sorter has borne fruit. Three years later, the proof has been in the pudding. Evisort has worked with sports teams, the healthcare industry, television, and media.

Another way Evisort competes with other AI companies lies in its compatibility with existing software. Evisort already integrates with several platforms including the following: Slack, Salesforce, Asana, Dropbox, Microsoft (News - Alert), OneNote, Evernote, and Amazon. Therefore, an employee does not need to consolidate documents that already exist on any of the aforementioned platforms. Integration is easy.

A team that uses Evisort does not have to perform any data entry. An employee using Evisort will upload a document, and the software will use artificial intelligence algorithms to parse and sort the data. Evisort technology can also extract pertinent information, track important contract dates, and generate reports.

Evisort is able to compete with other AI companies because of it’s investment in key employees. That said, the Co-founders have invested in Francisco Meza as the vice president of engineering. Business Wire published a feature on Meza on May 14, and it’s not difficult to infer, based on Meza’s credentials, that Evisort is serious about building a strong engineering team. More recently, Alexander Su assumed the responsibility of Evisort’s Director of Business Development.

Based on all of the recent developments, including a new career website, Evisort is one to watch in the AI space. Undoubtedly, Evisort has proven to be a trailblazer for artificial intelligence within the traditionally intern-powered legal industry.

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