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August 12, 2019

IoT is Going to Reshape Consumerism, Enterprises, and Governments in the Next Five Years

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, it won’t be long until most businesses are applying IoT into practice. If you don’t know what IoT is, it means the Internet of Things. This is also known as smart devices that harness the power of the internet. Such items like the smartphone, Amazon Alexa and 5G devices like auto-pilot mode in cars and robotic arms with minds on their own that make industrial goods.

And now that the IoT is becoming more and more tried and tested, it’s not a surprise to see companies using this type of technology onto keeping their businesses growing at least for the next five years.

Applying IoT on Consumerism

People love automatic things that do everything for them. That’s why the smartphone became a huge hit, especially since its debut to the public masses from 2009 to 2011. Unlike the cellphone, the smartphone does whatever a computer can… well, almost. Ability to browse the internet with ease, chat with people online with the phone, read e-books, stream movies and music and play video games.

Thanks to the internet, the capabilities of the smartphone expanded even further, contributing lots of benefits for people with different purposes. One person needs the smartphone to do multiple business tasks at the same time. Another person relies on the smartphone as a surveillance camera because that person happens to be in the security department. One more uses a smartphone for navigations thanks to its real-time GPS. And another person requires one simply for entertainment that goes beyond using the camera.

Thanks to the soon-to-be-released 5G onto the public crowd, people can now go beyond the smartphone for IoT benefits. Autopiloting cars become real, Google (News - Alert) announces a streaming type of platform for people who love to play video games and kitchen stoves with a smart screen that displays recommended meals for the day as well as going further into having a personal robot arm to cook food for you.

We’re living in an age where the futuristic stuff we see in sci-fi movies is slowly turning into reality. And such usage of the IoT will make a mark on the consumers.

IoT in Businesses

These days, your business has to be in the status quo of technology if you want your company to survive. A satellite internet provider, an accounting firm, a law firm, call center agencies, even medical departments, and food businesses.

And with a momentum shift in all types of business, requiring you to have the latest technology, larger high-profile companies have started implementing IoT into their departments. With IoT, everything becomes faster and more efficient than manual, given that it doesn’t glitch through the process.

Tracking employees, business growth, sales, revenue, potential customers, market values, these can be all calculated and analyzed by the business AI.

IoT in Governments

As much as we don’t like the government to fiddle with our private lives, first-world country governments have always used IoT to manage what the departments are doing. However, this also means that as their IoT improves, so will they tighten security.

Count this one as a conspiracy theory, but some governments are using the IoT to manipulate the people whether it’s for political purposes or to test out their security. There have been rumors of a popular search engine as well as social media conspiring with a political faction in order to taint the AI into morphing search results and the latest feeds with their own beliefs. Another conspiracy has to do with a popular Asian phone company affiliated with the Chinese government in order to track and use personal data of each consumer as well as those around them.

But going back to reality, the governments will do what they can to amp up the IoT race in order to beef up their securities especially against other nations they’re not comfortable with.

What Will Happen 5 Years from Now?

It’s hard to see what the future will bring. But if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that technology will become faster and more efficient in every platform, especially ones that depend on IoT.


Luke Pensworth

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